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Torchwood star John Barrowman wows Villa

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    Torchwood star John Barrowman wows Villa []
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      Torchwood star John Barrowman wows Villa


      star John Barrowman wows Villa

      An Evening With John Barrowman at the Villa Marina

      ALL-ROUND ENTERTAINER: John Barrowman

      Published Date: 03 August 2009

      IF you're one for a night of razzle dazzle, fun
      and hilarity, then this was the show for you.John
      Barrowman, he is the epitome of the perfect
      showman who can let his hair down, have fun, get
      the audience involved and still perform a world class show.

      Performing songs from show, covers of old
      classics and giving the audience a taste of
      material from his latest album Music Music Music.

      The star from the West End delighted the audience
      by running on to the stage at the beginning the
      show and singing Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, his
      spectacular seven-piece band adding to the feel
      of extravagance that you knew the show would turn out to be.

      Also, four backing dancers adding to the flurry of the songs being performed.

      Right from the start, John got the entire
      audience involved with the festivities of the
      show. He accomplished what many would think was
      the impossible, blending his Scottish heritage –
      he was born and raised in Glasgow – with his love of musical theatre.

      Extremely entertaining and very cleverly done. He
      managed to 'Scottify' songs from musicals such as
      Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Joseph and his Amazing Technicoloured Dreamcoat.

      He proved his diverse musical range by singing
      his latest song (currently number five in the
      charts) I Made It Through The Rain and another
      song from his latest album called What About Us?
      This was swiftly followed by a cover of Ronan
      Keating's Life is A Roller Coaster, many audience members singing along.

      John defiantly intended the show to be a very fun, feel-good but fantastic.

      Opening the second half with a disco compilation
      including I'm So Excited and Boogie Wonderland,
      the audience knew that we were in for another
      fantastic part of the show. As he wanted to make
      it a very personal show too, doing the thing that
      he loves – entertaining – there were a few tear
      jerkers in there such as Bryan Adams' Heaven (yes
      I did shed a tear or two, much to the embarrassment of my younger brother).

      He made it more personal and interactive, with
      the help of his dancers, by getting audience
      members up and dancing in the aisles, which I
      believe, there was a group of women who carried
      on with this. They must have definitely been enjoying the show!

      The finale, was the most amazing and diverse finale I have seen.

      Beginning with a cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off
      You, Barrowman continued to wow when he sang
      Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin (very
      surprising to see how many people actually know
      the words to this song!), followed swiftly by
      Cliff Richard's From a Distance and finishing
      with I Am What I Am (also the name of Barrowman's
      upcoming book released in October) from the
      Musical La Cage aux Folles which he is due to star in, in the West End.

      The enthralled and ecstatic audience granted him
      a well deserved standing ovation.

      And for all you Torchwood fans (yes, he said it
      would be mentioned in the papers and hey presto!

      I had to oblige of course) Barrowman said he felt
      it would be 'very silly if they didn't agree to
      do a fourth series' so better watch this space and keep your fingers crossed!

      All round this was a fantastic show, suitable for everyone.

      If he ever returned to the Island I would
      recommend to anyone who wanted a fun, musical
      theatre orientated night to go and watch his show.


      Precious and rare all Love is, gender matters not.

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