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Re: [torchwood] Radio Plays and File Sharing

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  • pfyre
    In the past - the radio shows, etc. have been available outside the UK and in this instance these radio dramas are as well. I live in the U.S. and went
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 2 11:33 AM
      In the past - the radio shows, etc. have been available outside the
      UK and in this instance these radio dramas are as well. I live in the
      U.S. and went directly there and downloaded them to my computer. I
      can see where after a week - when they are no longer available at the
      BBC site - that then people would be sharing the files through other
      means but until then it simply makes sense to get them from the
      source (it also gives the BBC an indicator of the interest in the TW
      dramas as well).

      At 10:15 AM 7/2/2009, Dean L. Kaufman, annotated:
      >I am a member of numerous file sharing sites and was surprised
      >yesterday to find that nobody appeared to be uploading the new
      >Torchwood radio drama "Asylum".
      >When I went to one that deals exclusively with British content, I
      >was written back and told that due to the fact that all three radio
      >dramas are about to be released on CD and sold that way, that they
      >would not allow anybody to post the shows on their site. I wrote
      >this file sharing site back and asked if they would allow "Children
      >of Earth" and they said it would not be posted as it too was about
      >to released in a DVD set.
      >I wrote them back and was told to check out the BBC Shop which had
      >all three for sale on CD with different delivery dates. I tried to
      >buy them and got the error message "That country is not available
      >for delivery."
      >I wrote the BBC Shop back and received this reply today.
      >Dear Dean
      >Thank you for your email.
      >Unfortunately, BBC Worldwide is subject to strict licensing laws
      >preventing the sale of products (without prior agreement) to other
      >countries. For this reason, we do not deal with deliveries outside
      >the EU here at the BBC Online shop except from the selected countries.
      >I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.
      >If you have any further problems or queries please do not hesitate
      >to contact us for further assistance.
      >Kind regards,
      >Emma Crook
      >Customer Services
      >BBC Shop - all your BBC favourites
      >Don't forget you can write a review on a BBC product at www.bbcshop.com
      >by clicking 'Write A Review' from the relevant product page.
      >I figured I would go to Amazon.com which was selling the DVD set of
      >"Children of Earth" for a good low price for pre-orders. The radio
      >dramas were not available on Amazon but on Amazon.co.uk. I ordered
      >"Children of Earth" on DVD with an expected delivery date of June
      >30th. I ordered the three radio dramas from England. Amazon's UK
      >division can sell to the US but the BBC Shop can't.
      >While the radio dramas can be heard in this country off the BBC
      >website and apparently downloadable for seven days after the air
      >date, no matter where you look on any file sharing site, you will
      >not find them.
      >As "Children of Earth" starts airing on BBC One this Monday evening,
      >many file sharing sites may totally avoid it due to the fact that it
      >is about to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD. Like the radio dramas,
      >it may be possible that the episodes may be downloadable from the
      >BBC directly for seven days after each broadcast. That I don't know yet.
      >That leaves those people who have BBC America to watch the butchered
      >versions of the episodes even with the extended time slots.
      >It is also possible that once people have these commercial CD's and
      >the DVD set that people may upload them to file sharing sites at
      >that point. That will happen when it happens.
      >If somehow you see these audio dramas and Children of Earth on file
      >sharing sites despite the forthcoming commercial releases, feel free
      >to let me know and others on this group. These commercial releases
      >are making it tough for anybody to upload them after broadcast.
      >Dean L. Kaufman
      >Santa Ana, CA USA

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