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Re: Questions To Be Asked

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  • badblokebob
    Let s see about answering those which I feel I can (others have been deleted for space). ... Can t say for definite, obviously, but I think Davies will want to
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 2, 2009
      Let's see about answering those which I feel I can (others have been deleted for space).

      > You know that Matt Smith is the new Doctor. Is the final special with
      > David Tennant going to have Smith show up at the end or will he be
      > integral in solving the dilemma showing up much earlier in the special
      > than other Doctors have in the past?

      Can't say for definite, obviously, but I think Davies will want to give Tennant an
      unobscured send off, so we won't be seeing Smith on screen until the final moments.

      > When will Matt Smith's new look for his Doctor be unveiled?

      Sometime before any public-place filming begins for series 5, I should imagine. Tennant &
      Piper had a photoshoot on the first day of filming for series 2, which revealed his costume
      iirc, so I should imagine something similar will be done with Smith.

      > A major prop was recently damaged during the filming of "Planet of the
      > Dead". Will it be repaired in time enough for them to make their
      > deadline of an Easter broadcast?

      As all of the expensive organisation of filming (booking crews, flights, locations, etc) will
      have already been done, I imagine the prop in question will either have to be repaired in
      time or the script modified to reflect the damage. This is doubly the case as the filming is

      > A publicity photo taken from "Planet of the Dead" shows an old
      > villain. With all the alien races out there, why are we getting the
      > same villains over and over again if this photo is to be believed?

      Haven't seen this myself, but didn't RTD say there were two new villains in the first

      > We know now that an old companion is coming back for one of the
      > specials. Won't filming interfere with the actress's new show
      > commitments?

      Has that been confirmed? I only saw rumours. Plus, considering how long ago that show
      began filming and how close to air it is, it's likely already finished filming (after all, it's
      standard practice in the UK to finish a series then air it, rather than continue production
      during broadcast. I believe Doctor Who's effects work makes it something of an

      > If Russell T. Davies did want Freema as part of the new season of
      > Torchwood, why did they not get a legal contract signed to that
      > effect?

      I should imagine they're not 'allowed' to, similar to how in the UK actors are signed to a
      series year-by-year rather than the 5 or 7 year contracts they're locked into in the US. It's
      why many actors leave shows after a year or two over here, whereas in the US they stay
      forever (I expect many stars of US shows would get fed up & leave sooner if they could!)

      > If Torchwood is truly a big hit on BBC One, a ten episode season will
      > be commissioned. When might Season 4 air and how soon after the
      > serial ends will that decision be reached?

      The commission could theoretically come before Children of Earth even airs -- it's far
      from unheard of. Otherwise, I should imagine a recommission would be pretty speedy,
      and filming would depend entirely on the availability of actors, considering Barrowman's
      (in particular) busy schedule.

      > If Martha Jones was to be a big part of this saga, will the new
      > version of the tale be hurt by her absence?

      Some might argue so (we'll have to see how the story goes!), but based on the writing
      methods of RTD & co, even if Martha's backstory was integral to the plot they'll have
      created a new character with an equally appropriate tale -- most probably wouldn't even
      notice the difference. (Note in particular how series 4's companion-to-be Penny was
      basically Donna, but even RTD didn't seem to realise until the possibility of casting Tate

      > If NBC is really
      > cooling on that show, is Agyeman's new Law and Order show going to be
      > likewise ignored by NBC given her popularity in the States?

      I might well be wrong on this, but I think I remember reading there were no plans
      whatsoever to air L&O London in the US? Especially as all episodes are remakes of US ones.

      And that's the lot!
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