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JB, Daily Mail and The Now Show

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  • pfyre
    BBC Radio 4 s The Now Show - skewered The Daily Mail for creating the tempest in a teapot debacle over last
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 7, 2008
      BBC Radio 4's The Now Show
      <http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/comedy/nowshow.shtml>- skewered The
      Daily Mail for creating the tempest in a teapot debacle over last
      Sunday's radio show - you can listen to it on listenagain
      <http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b00fqmxv> 05 Dec 08 broadcast

      or if you want to hear JUST the JB discussion
      "BBCradio4fri05dec08TheNowShowJBdiscussion.mmm" (8.13 MB)
      JB discussion on The Now Show

      YOU MUST CHANGE THE .mmm file extension to .mp3 to listen to the audio file

      and another fun reaction:
      December 07, 2008 Est 1999
      Tom Morton's diary

      Naked rambling sounds much better Still at the Beeb, the shocking
      scandal of actor and reality TV judge John Barrowman's Radio 1
      exposure has concerned many of us. Does this mean we will no longer
      be permitted to broadcast naked? Even in the height of summer?

      In case you missed it, or don't read the Daily Mail, former Scot
      Barrowman appeared on the show presented by Annie Mac and Nick
      Grimshaw, where he was asked by Grimshaw if, as was reputedly his
      habit during interviews, he was going to "get his willy out".

      "All right, I'll get it out for you then, no problem," replied the
      Torchwood star. A producer hastily covered the studio webcam, so
      nothing was actually seen by the public, although Annie Mac was
      seemingly quite overcome by the sight which greeted her. "Oh my God,"
      she exclaimed.

      The Daily Moralist went to town, as you'd expect. "Filth! Evil! BBC!
      Willies! Even If You Can't See Them, They Are Very Very Nasty And A
      Waste Of Public Money!" ran the headline, probably.

      But nobody could. That's the thing about (non-webcam-afflicted)
      wireless. It is a little-known fact that some of the BBC's top stars
      are committed nudists, and the new BBC Scotland HQ at Pacific Quay in
      Glasgow has a blacked-out studio where presenters can, if they wish,
      strip before broadcasting. Several claim that this process of
      "de-layering" makes them much more sensitive to the conversational
      cues of guests in remote studios. A few top consultants say that
      nudity affects the voice, too, rendering it more "mellifluous" and
      the presenter "increasingly erudite". So far, all attempts to
      encourage the staff at Good Morning Scotland to experiment with this
      approach have failed.


      Precious and rare all Love is, gender matters not.

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