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Closer mag: John Barrowman: 'I love Botoxed women!'

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    Closer mag: John Barrowman: I love Botoxed women! I love Botoxed
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2008
      Closer mag: John Barrowman: 'I love Botoxed women!'

      'I love Botoxed women!'

      The star reveals why he's so relaxed about ageing
      and his secret to a good love live.

      With his Hollywood good looks and flawless smile,
      you'd be forgiven for thinking TV star and singer
      John Barrowman has a strict beauty regime.

      But when Closer meets him London, he's keen to
      point out that just because he's gay and on the
      telly, it doesn't automatically mean he tries to look good.

      He says: "All I do is shave in the shower and put
      on some moisturizer and deodorant."

      "The best products are usually the cheapest. I
      use Imperial Leather soap and that's about it.
      It's stereotypical to think all gay men have serious beauty regimes."

      But despite this, the Torchwood star has a
      confession to make – he had Botox almost a year ago "out of curiosity."

      "I just wanted to see what it would do. I did
      like some of the effects, like how it smoothed
      around my eyes – but not what it did up here," he
      says, pointing to his forehead.

      "I felt expressionless and as an actor you have to be very careful with that."

      But he adds: "This is going to sound really camp,
      but I love women who are Botoxed to the nines.
      Bree on Desperate Housewives is incredible!"

      Despite succumbing to the celeb anti-wrinkle
      trend, John – who turned 41 in March – swears
      he's quite relaxed about getting older, saying:
      "I was very relaxed about turning 40, it was turning 30 that freaked me out."

      "But now I'm just having fun. I think turning 50
      will great – I'll have a huge part."

      John hasn't been short of admirers since he shot
      to fame in the early '90s, but his biggest fan is
      his partner of 16 years, architect Scott Gill, 44.

      The couple – who have homes in London and Cardiff
      Bay – met in 1993 and have been virtually
      inseparable ever since. They became civil partners in 2006.


      Despite being together for so long, John says
      they're as strong as ever and puts it down to the
      fact that they still have a lot of fun together –
      including dancing in their underwear!

      He says: "Scott gets up first and while I'm lying
      in bed I'll sing for him and he'll dance around
      in his underpants. It's our morning routine, it's hilarious."

      "Hey, if it's still working after 16 years maybe
      everyone should do it." But he admits they have
      different opinions on what keeps their love
      strong, saying: "Scott's idea of romance would be
      to visit a ruined Roman castle. But I thinks it's
      romantic to send flowers or give someone a mug
      with a teddy on it. I guess he thinks it's cheesy, but he's used to it now."

      John admits their relationship has its fiery side
      too, and he firmly believes a good argument every now and then is healthy.

      "There's nothing wrong with arguing," he says.
      "It's more worrying when couples never argue. I'm
      the fiery one. He gets upset because I'm pretty
      strong-willed, but I'll back down if other people are right."

      When he's not singing to Scott in his pants,
      John's been busy recording a new album Music,
      Music, Music, and he's hoping it'll be as popular
      as his last album Just So [sic – should be
      'Another Side'], which went gold, selling 500,000
      records within two weeks of going on sale.

      But when asked if he prefers acting or singing,
      he's adamant he could never choose and prefers to be called an entertainer.

      He says: "I couldn't separate myself like that –
      I absolutely love singing and acting. I can't
      imagine a life without entertaining people."

      By Sophie Neville

      • Music, Music, Music is out on 24 Nov on Epic
      Records. The single What About Us is out now.
      for May/June 2009 tour information.

      Closer magazine 22-28 November 2008 p. 53

      transcribed by <http://pfyre.livejournal.cm%27>pfyre

      Precious and rare all Love is, gender matters not.
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