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Out.com's The Men & Women Who Made 2008

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    jb john&scott bw [] The Men & Women Who Made 2008 A year to
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      <http://www.out.com/detail.asp?id=24228>The Men & Women Who Made 2008

      A year to remember with the 14th annual Out 100.

      In the GOLDEN AGE of HOLLYWOOD, icons were
      created. America's dreams and desires were writ
      large, creating a new kind of shared experience
      where, even amid our setbacks and defeats,
      anything seemed possible. Into this era of
      exuberance we cast the Out 100, our unashamedly
      subjective list of the gay men and women who
      moved culture -- ours and the culture at large --
      over the past year. These artists, activists,
      athletes, and aesthetes embody triumph, daring, ingenuity, and integrity.

      With photography by GREG LOTUS, ROGER ERICKSON & LEE JENKINS





      <http://www.out.com/out100/nominees_7.asp>JOHN BARROWMAN

      One of our favorite out actors continues to be
      ever more compelling as he storms the British
      airwaves as the pansexual Captain Jack Harkness on the BBC smash hit Torchwood.

      His new memoir, Anything Goes, a frank and
      unvarnished look at his life, reflects on his
      adventures in Scotland, the United States, and
      London; coming out (thankfully, not a tortured
      affair); his husband, Scott; and exploits on and
      backstage­occasionally without pants.



      <http://www.out.com/out100/nominees_8.asp>IAN MCKELLEN

      Whether strutting onstage or off, Ian McKellen
      remains one of our most visible, grandest
      advocates­and the most tireless. The son of
      pacifists, and a lifelong atheist, he has been
      out since 1988­the year in which the British
      government enacted a controversial act, popularly
      known as Clause 28, forbidding the "promotion" of
      homosexuality "as a pretended family
      relationship" in schools. That same year McKellen
      met with British Secretary for the Environment
      Michael Howard, hoping to enlist his opposition.
      Howard refused, but asked for McKellen's
      autograph. The actor gallantly pulled out a pen,
      before writing: "Fuck off, I'm gay."

      While the stakes seemed higher in the '80s,
      McKellen's unapologetic stance stands in sharp
      contrast to the quiet diplomacy of many of
      today's gay actors, without having affected his
      ability to attract major roles, including his
      Oscar-nominated performances in 1998's Gods &
      Monsters and as Gandalf in The Fellowship of the
      Ring, a role he will reprise in the 2011 prequel,
      The Hobbit. Next up he stars as Pozzo in a West
      End production of Waiting for Godot and will be
      seen here on the small screen next year in AMC's
      remake of the trippy '60s British series The Prisoner.



      <http://www.out.com/out100/nominees_2.asp>GEORGE TAKEI & BRAD ALTMAN

      To some, George Takei will always be Star Trek's
      Mr. Sulu, while to others, he's big daddy Kaito
      Nakamura on Heroes. But in his biggest role to
      date, he and his partner of 21 years became
      husbands on September 14 in Los Angeles. As part
      of their vows, Brad Altman (seated) said that
      he'd called Takei many things during their time
      together­"life partner, significant other"­but
      now "I can add 'my husband' to the list of things I call you."

      [full online version available at

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      'Precious and rare all Love is, gender matters not.'

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