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Re: [torchwood] Re: Eve Myles on Merlin

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  • Andre Andre
    Enormous apologies for misinterpreting the press I ve read on Merlin   The particular article I read was attached to a comment about Eve playing a witch, and
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 22, 2008
      Enormous apologies for misinterpreting the press I've read on "Merlin"  The particular article I read was attached to a comment about Eve playing a witch, and all of RTD's glee, enthusiasm and ego boosts over the premier of Merlin.  I'm happily posting the article which is very interesting.  Since it's neither Dr. Who or Torchwood I'm assuming there's no spoiler space necessary.  
      Also, originally I thought I was posting to another Torchwood group, not this one.  Forgive me I didn't mean it.  But here's the article that sparked the though of RTD being UBER vested in "Merlin"... albiet not 'creator of' thanks for correcting me.
      Back to massive lurk mode.
      From the "Torchwood TV" Website: 
      Yep, right now us folks in the UK are being bombarded with all sorts of promotional material (adverts, magazine interviews, billboards, you name it) for the BBC's latest Saturday night fantasy filler, Merlin. The series, devised by Julian Murphy and Johnny Caps of Hex fame, had been in development hell for a number of years - at one point former Torchwood producer/writer Chris Chibnall was in talks about creating a Sunday evening series devoted to the character of Merlin, who originates from the King Arthur legend.

      Episode one features Eve Myles, quite possibly as you've never seen her before - as a witch! DigitalSpy have reported on an interview that Wales Online conducted with the star, regarding her appearence in the show. Sounds very promising, then.

      Of course, the series also stars a number of other leading cult television stars - including Anthony Head, who played librarian Rupert Giles on the WB/UPN series Buffy the Vampire Slayer for seven years, and then there's Santiago Cabrera... you know, Santiago Cabrera - the guy who played that part on Heroes, Issac Mendez, who painted prophecies of the future? No? Oh come on! It's Santiago Cabrera already!!

      Richard Wilson, respected RSC thesp and star of the BBC's comedy gem One Foot in the Grave - not to mention 2005's Doctor Who adventure "The Empty Child"/"The Doctor Dances", which first introduced audiences to John Barrowman's Captain Jack Harkness - also appears, playing the role of 'Gaius'.

      Russell T Davies seems very keen on the new series. In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine he goes as far as to compare it to his own Saturday night ratings smash, Doctor Who: "Merlin is the first proper rival to Doctor Who that I've seen, and that's my finest compliment. [It's] a really, really fine piece of work."

      Infact, the end credits go as far as to include a special "Thanks to Russell T Davies" message at the end. Aww... no wonder Davies loves the show so much - just watching it gives his ego a much needed boost!

      But, ultimately, it's for you to make up your own mind. The series kicks off tomorrow night on BBC One, at 7:30pm - miss it, and I'm afraid you miss out. Unless you I-Player it; it which case, you don't so much miss out on it.

      I'll shut up now and stop rambling, hey?

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      Subject: [torchwood] Re: Eve Myles on Merlin
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      Date: Sunday, September 21, 2008, 5:57 PM

      It's not RTD's creation -- it was dreamt up by Shine, who made "Hex"
      among other things. They pitched it to the BBC, and Julie Gardner
      brought RTD in as a consultant of some kind as they were aiming it
      for the "Who" slot.

      It was pretty good, though was very much a first episode so it's hard
      to judge accurately. On first impressions, though, I'd say it's
      better than "Robin Hood" and "Primeval", but not quite up to "Who"'s
      gold standard. But then, what is, to be fair?

      It's definitely coming to the US -- NBC bought it a while back, to
      show in a primetime slot later this year / in early 2009.

      --- In torchwood@yahoogrou ps.com, Andre Andre <prettycuddles2003@ ...>
      > Since it's an RTD brainchild, and he's all 'squeeeeish' over it
      I'll bet it's a real stunner.  (Hoping squeeeish is used in the
      proper context here).  UK'ers please have a look see and report back
      (without spoiling).  Is it worth getting into if and when it gets
      over to the USA?  I love the King Arthur legends and most of the
      movies made based on it.  I can imagine what a Russ-T makeover would
      do to the thing.  I can hardly wait to catch a glimpse.  If anyone
      finds out anything, has any comments or info, please keep the group
      posted.  This is severely in the radar based on many many many many
      many factors! 
      > Thanks!
      > Michelle

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