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RE: [torchwood] Re: TW s3 rumours

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  • Anna Hayward
    Alba, Just to clarify, RTD has not said he s leaving TW - he s leaving Dr Who (although apparently he s fully expected to haunt the studios and be breathing
    Message 1 of 20 , Jun 10, 2008

      Just to clarify, RTD has not said he's leaving TW - he's leaving Dr Who
      (although apparently he's fully expected to "haunt" the studios and be
      breathing down their necks for many years to come LOL). You have to remember
      that RTD is actually Torchwood's no.1 fan - he had the series in his head
      long before any of us got to see it, and he's not going to let anyone ruin
      it, even if he does stop producing it. He's a lovely guy, is Russell,
      according to all who've met him, but you don't want to get on the wrong side
      of him, apparently - and messing with his "baby" would definitely get on the
      wrong side of him ;)

      The "5 hour series" rumour is currently only a rumour, although it appears
      to be growing legs by the day (rumours do that). And right enough, a lot of
      American and non-British sites are making an awful lot of damning
      assumptions, based on zero knowledge and less evidence. In our discussions
      on this group we're maybe assuming there's no smoke without fire, but we
      could look very silly indeed in a couple of months.

      If the miniseries rumour turns out to be true, then forget every other
      miniseries you've ever seen - it won't be like that. It could be like
      nothing you've ever seen on television before in your life.

      P.S. Russell is also the world's biggest Who fan, and if future producers of
      the show want to ruin it, they'd better make sure they do so from well away
      from either Cardiff or Manchester, preferably from a concrete bunker.

      P.P.S. Russell Davies is actually god, just in case you didn't know.

      "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" - from Strictly Ballroom


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      Thanks for that clarification, because I was finding it all more than little
      Producer, major writer (was Chibnall also a producer?), all leaving, RTD
      leaving Who, now a
      5 hour "series" - what next? Gack! I think if it were the US, the press
      would be writing the
      show's obit. So I guess Americans can't make our usual assumptions, since
      things are
      done very differently in the UK.


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