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RE: Re: [torchwood] Season three of Torchwood is CONFIRMED...

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  • Anna Hayward
    Hi Badblokebob, I d have to check, but as far as I know In association with. is about who presents the show, so in the UK, there is no mention of CBC on the
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 5, 2008
      Hi Badblokebob,

      I'd have to check, but as far as I know "In association with." is about who
      presents the show, so in the UK, there is no mention of CBC on the credits
      for Dr Who that I've noticed (checked on the website and there's nothing).
      It only mentions the BBC. It is possible the credit is added for foreign
      broadcasts because shows like Dr Who often have to be re-cut for different
      broadcasting standards in different countries. Or maybe in the same way that
      stuff is shown in UK "Under licence to the BBC", which basically means they
      bought it but don't own it (I have noticed that "Under licence" shows are
      never shown on the online BBC download service). Or maybe the BBC is getting
      some funding from abroad. Really not sure about that though.

      Also be aware that there is a channel called CBBC in the UK, not to be
      confused (Children's BBC), which has produced Dr Who related shows.

      "In association with." is very different to being a joint BBC/HBO production
      - these are international collaborations, and of course, in shows like
      "Rome" (which was incidently completely slated in the British press, who
      blamed the collaboration on why it was so bad). Generally, the words "HBO"
      on something is not a good sign for a BBC production, I find :-( But I'll
      reserve judgement for future productions. Isn't HBO the company who make
      'Heroes'? We're all enjoying 'Heroes' here in UK at the moment, which is
      being shown on BBC 2.

      Mind you, it's a globalised world - TV companies are probably all connected,
      financially and artistically. It's not like in the 80s when I first chatted
      to Americans on the Net and they hadn't heard of most of the shows I enjoyed
      - now they're all like "Oh yes, I watch that online". I couldn't believe the
      other day that someone was actually downloading and watching the UK version
      of "Antiques Roadshow" and the UK property show "Location, location,
      location" from the USA. As far as I know, they've no intention of ever
      moving here.

      "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" - from Strictly Ballroom


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      Though it may be worth noting that "Doctor Who" is/was officially part
      funded by CBC,
      which is why there's that "in association with CBC" (or whatever it says)
      credit at the end of
      some episodes (I haven't noticed if it's there this year, but it was on the
      last two seasons I
      believe). One also frequently sees programmes produced in association with
      WGBH Boston,
      as well as other international companies.

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