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Re: Torchwood ending [spoilers]

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  • Ask me
    ... specifically about ... subtle, is ... someone to be ... kiss....wel I ... because ... YES!!YES!!! thats what was trying to say (I m not that great with
    Message 1 of 170 , Jan 3, 2007
      --- In torchwood@yahoogroups.com, "Will Vigar" <giant.squid@...> wrote:
      > On 03/01/07, Ask me <cyber_corsair@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > Sorry did mean to sound homophobic but there is homosexual stuff that
      > > is just there and they there is over kill.. We all know Jack is open
      > > to being sexual with anyone(or anything Alien or human)But after watch
      > > near every eps back to back it was getting boring and a bit over kill.
      > Actually, in some respects, I sort of agree with you, not
      specifically about
      > the gay thing, but the sexuality altogether. It's not exactly
      subtle, is
      > it? I mean look to those first few episodes....any excuse for
      someone to be
      > shaggin anything. It got a bit tiresome. The writers were extremely
      > juvenile in their writing, feeling it neccessary to say ' look we can be
      > sexy' at every opportunity.
      > I'm all for sexuality as part of a plot (the now infamous gay
      kiss....wel I
      > say infamous, on this group at least ;-D) but just sticking it in
      > you can is a bit...well...sixth form, really....
      > W
      > > --

      YES!!YES!!! thats what was trying to say (I'm not that great with
      worlds so sorry) But yes it seem to me sex at every opportunity as
      well and to others too. sexuality in plot is fine(its working for
      BattleStar) but it could be less juvenile in some ways. The second eps
      was good but it was like who many guys got Poof into dust? I was
      laughing at it more than anything...

      And I will say even some of my friend that are gay were a bit taken
      back at the Kiss.. they saw it more for ratings than story..

      Jack would have known before he met the other Jack that he was
      gay..even a con-man get to know something about the identity of some
      they are stealing. Jack knew too much about how he died to not know.

      what i was hoping for was Jack meeting him self when I read the
      outline in the eps guide.. that would have been even more of a
      storyline lol Would Jack have kissed him self? lol

      I think we know that answer ...and it wouldn't be subtle lol


      > > "A Knife and Fork in a World of Soup"
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    • Will Vigar
      ... HEr main problem was that it was too scary and too violent for the target audience...which was about 7 as far as she was concerned....she had a particular
      Message 170 of 170 , Jan 10, 2007
        On 10/01/07, Orchid <ironorchid@...> wrote:
        > I can remember Mary being a pain in the BBC's backside, but didn't realise
        > she had a problem with Dr Who, why? what could possibly have been the
        > problem with Dr Who?
        > Pat

        HEr main problem was that it was too scary and too violent for the
        target audience...which was about 7 as far as she was concerned....she
        had a particular problem with....oh hang on what was it
        called....sorry just got up and my brain really isn't
        functioning....the episode where the Tom Baker is in the MAtrix and
        being drowned at the end of an episode....she went absolutely
        ballistic at that claiming that children had to suffer for a whole
        thinking the person that they idolised was dead....

        Even seven year olds know how to play the game....I think she assumed
        that children weren't aware of what a cliff hanger was and couldn't
        comprehend that everything was eventually going to go in the Doctors
        favour....even in the 70's/80's kids were a damned sight more media
        savvy than most adults thought.....

        But she also made strange and bizarre claims about anti-christian
        content....because only jesus can die and be resurrected...claims of
        being in league with satan....unsurprisingly, The Daemons (hence my
        comment about wishing she could see Impossible Planet/Satan Pit).

        It wasn't just Who she criticised, but it was a favourite bugbear of
        hers.....she was often on programmes like BiteBaCk, Points of View and
        even 'Thats LIfe' airing her views, mostly because she pretty much
        always managed to make herself look ridiculous...she gave good telly

        "A Knife and Fork in a World of Soup"
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