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Re: collage & season 2 in general plus SPOILER

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      --- Thanks for the collage, its really cool. Loved it. :-) Beth

      In torchwood@yahoogroups.com, "jkirkland1977" <jkirkland1977@...>
      > Hi folks
      > S
      > p
      > o
      > i
      > l
      > e
      > r
      > ****
      > I will delurk & introduce myself I come from Scotland & love all the
      > characters of Torchwood it needs them all lock, stock and barrel!
      > Anyway I added a Torchwood collage to the photos section within the
      > yahoo groups so it is there for everyone to have a look, some promo
      > pics from S1 were used but guess what episode the rest of the photos
      > come from!?
      > I also got to say, though in some cases weaker than the mighty first
      > season, I did love the second just as much & cannot wait for the
      > finale. I finely bought season 1 on DVD the commentries were
      > hilarious & Gwen was annoying throughout season 2.
      > Bar the one where she got her own medicine & Rhys told her off for
      > once, waited a long time for that one and I hope the dear old BBC
      > keeps the whole cast without loosing their senses & trying to turn
      > into Doctor Who. They will loose everybody if they do that!
      > Favorite moment of S2 though not the best episode overall when Owen
      > was going up the steps & you see the almost brotherly moment between
      > Owen & Ianto! For what it was worth it brought a lump to my throat
      > second last episode was also one of the best.
      > Weird how folk survive falling buildings though!
      > Jennifer

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