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RE: [torchwood] OT: Sexism? (was: 2x12 Fragments, and Ianto)

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  • Anna Hayward
    (Spoiler space removed along with any spoilers) Hi Brian, You said: I don t think your comments are sexist in any way. It s the old Men are from Mars, Women
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2008
      (Spoiler space removed along with any spoilers)

      Hi Brian,

      You said: "I don't think your comments are sexist in any way. It's the old
      "Men are
      from Mars, Women are from Venus" thing. Perhaps the use of the word "never"
      is a bit strong, but essentially you are correct."

      Anna says: I'm glad you didn't take offense, although I haven't got much
      time for the old Mars/Venus thing. It's a bit simplistic, but I also think
      there are behaviours which are more typical for one gender or the other, for
      whatever reason. I suspect the "not talking about feelings" thing is
      cultural, and I felt more confident mentioning it because RTD said it about
      a Dr Who episode, featuring Jack and the Doctor, that men only "talk" when
      in deadly jeopardy. He said it with a smile on his face, but you could tell
      he felt there was a lot of truth to it.

      Of course, a lot of women have this problem too!

      You said: "Perhaps gay men have an increased capacity for verbal effusion,
      though my
      own experience has demonstrated that if so it hasn't affected their love of
      visual stimulation."

      Anna says: I think the chatty, camp queen is rather a myth these days - well
      I know one or two, but I wouldn't say they were any better at communicating
      actual feelings than the average guy. A lot of my male friends are gay, with
      various degrees of campness, but a universal difficulty in actually saying
      what they feel. I remember recently I advised one to tell his boyfriend how
      he felt about something and everyone else laughed and said "Can you imagine
      a man having that conversation?" To which I had to admit not! (I will have
      to resign as LGBT Agony Aunt).

      Anyway, back to the show, I think the male characters are really
      convincingly portrayed because they don't talk about feelings, unless
      practically forced to (take Owen the other day). If they were gushing all
      over the place I don't think TW would be half so good. OTOH, they are so
      much more 3-dimensional than we're used to in a sci-fi show and that is

      "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" - from Strictly Ballroom

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