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Re: Just one more point to make... off topic.

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  • Michelle Gauvreau
    I ve read the last installment of the daily digest and noticed several people referring to several Nationalities as being accused of certain
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2008
      I've read the last installment of the daily digest and noticed several people referring to several "Nationalities" as being accused of certain 'rude/awful/disrespectful' behavior. Can I ask how any one can represent an entire City/State/Country/Continent of individuals with their behavior? British, American, Australian, Japanese, African, German, Canadian, Lithuanian, Brazilian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Iranian, etc., etc., etc., when you call out a group of people for their race, sex, sexual orientation, appearance, or behavior it's called prejudice. Do we still fight that battle in this day and age?

      A program like Torchwood, that goes out of its way to bridge those gaps, CLEARLY identifying the lack of importance of any of the above qualifiers as gaps in mutual respect, should help people understand how petty these differences really are. One might think fans of the show would get the point instead of continuously attacking other fans based on their nationality; lumping them into a group of undesirable stereotypes, because they come from a certain country.

      Man up people. We're all sharing the same breathing space. Every person's actions, or lack of actions, affects every other person somehow. It's what you put into it that counts. Criticizing others hardly accomplishes any benifits overall. I might to good to look at what you bring to the table yourself before you criticize the jello salad the next person offered.

      #end of rant#

      Michelle in Memphis

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