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Re: [torchwood] Re: Gwen's boyfriend

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  • Will Vigar
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    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 4, 2008
      On 04/01/2008, janicesheinbaum <janicesheinbaum@...> wrote:
      > --OK, let's not get our britches in a bunch!

      ***Oh they aren't in a bunch :-) I was merely clarifying a few things.
      > I'm notoriously good humoured about virtual everything, so I'm not
      > offeneded, upset, trying to upset or anything like :-) Really....
      > I didn't mean to start any rows. I value all of your insights, but let's
      > live and let live
      > and drop this now before things get nasty.

      ****Well....there's a difference between discourse and rowing. I was
      > aiming for the former, but if it came across as the latter, I'll make my
      > apologies now. I can't stress how much I'm not getting nasty, nor have I
      > any wish to come across that way....

      > "A Knife and Fork in a World of Soup"

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