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Voyage of the Damned - The Trivia Quiz

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  • Dean L. Kaufman
    VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED – TRIVIA QUIZ 1. Astrid Peth is strangely connected to the Doctor in what way? a. She is Leela s daughter b. Her first name scrambled
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2007

      1. Astrid Peth is strangely connected to the Doctor in what way?
      a. She is Leela's daughter
      b. Her first name scrambled spells TARDIS
      c. She knows what the Doctor's real name is
      d. Spilling a drink on Titanic controls caused it to crash into
      the TARDIS
      2. The song being sung by the Titanic's singer was what song?
      a. The Stowaway
      b. Winter Wonderland
      c. Santa Baby
      d. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
      3. Astrid appears to be an expert at driving what vehicle?
      a. the Starship Titanic
      b. a London double-decker bus
      c. a Vespa
      d. A forklift truck
      4. What is the only way into the Bridge after it was sealed off?
      a. The TARDIS
      b. Max's secret passageway
      c. Host robots punch a hole through the floor while carrying the
      d. The door could be opened at any time with the sonic
      5. What mysterious secret is on Deck 31?
      a. What happened to the surviving Dalek after the last Dalek
      b. Max and his life support machine
      c. Just kidding. It was really Deck 30.
      d. A lifetime supply of confetti for the New Year's Dance
      6. When the Doctor takes over controls of the Titanic, what does
      he almost collide with?
      a. a Sontaran invasion fleet
      b. the TARDIS
      c. Buckingham Palace
      d. The Atlantic Ocean
      7. The Hosts were actually called __________ Hosts.
      a. Murderous
      b. Heavenly
      c. Your Evening's
      d. Metal
      8. Bannakaffalatta's big secret was that:
      a. He is a cyborg
      b. Really the Mox of Balhoun
      c. Max's brother
      d. He was secretly married to Astrid
      9. Max's last name was:
      a. Copernicus
      b. Columbo
      c. Cancer
      d. Capricorn
      10. The planet Stowe is renowned for:
      a. Robotics
      b. Starship building
      c. Horrible dental work
      d. All of the above
      11. What did Mr. Copper claim to have a degree in?
      a. Earthonomics
      b. Earthology
      c. Physics
      d. Robotics
      12. How did Foon get her and her husband Morvin on board the
      a. They snuck onboard
      b. They were actually part of the staff
      c. She spent hours on the phone trying to win the contest
      d. They paid to get on board just like everybody else
      13. What did Yamit Momo have to do with the special?
      a. Producers used her yacht to double as the Titanic
      b. She played the singer for the Titanic passengers
      c. She was the artist who painted the portraits of Max hung
      around the ship.
      d. She married Russell T. Davies during its filming
      14. Where were the people of London evacuated to?
      a. The Valiant
      b. France
      c. It was not revealed
      d. The USA
      15. What character made reference to Harold Saxon?
      a. Queen Elizabeth
      b. The Doctor
      c. Donna Noble
      d. Max
      16. How old does the Doctor claim to be in this story?
      a. 903
      b. 947
      c. 963
      d. 905
      17. Three characters die a heroic death in this story. One
      was Astrid. The others were?
      a. The Captain of the Titanic and Max
      b. Bannakaffalatta and Foon
      c. Foon and Morvin
      d. Mr. Copper and the Titanic lounge singer
      18. How many outfits does the Doctor wear in this story?
      a. Two
      b. Just the one
      c. Three if you count the spacesuit he donned to get to the
      drifting TARDIS
      d. He wore five different outfits throughout the story
      19. What was Max's goal in destroying the Earth?
      a. Earth was the reason for him losing a great business deal
      b. Earth's destruction and the death of the human race would get
      his cutthroat board of directors sent to prison
      c. He need a hyperspace bypass and Earth was in the way
      d. He wanted to see if the Titanic was indestructible
      20. Foon and her husband Morvin are really good at something
      besides eating. What are they good at?
      a. Fashion sense
      b. Fixing robots
      c. Getting the Titanic's engines back online
      d. Keeping their bar tab at a reasonable level

      Enjoy the quiz. Either email me for answers if you feel you must or
      I will post answers after the quiz has run its course.


      Dean L. Kaufman
      Laguna Woods, CA
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