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Re: [torchwood] Voyage of the Damned - New Doctor Who Episode Warning - Take 2

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  • Elizabeth Holden
    ... I ve watched. Once. Enjoyed it muchly, and I m looking forward to the chance to see it again. ... I think that might have been my favourite moment, right
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 27, 2007
      --- "Dean L. Kaufman" <deanlkaufman@...> wrote:

      > Spoilers included for some and many.
      > S
      > P
      > O
      > I
      > L
      > E
      > R
      > A
      > L
      > E
      > R
      > T
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > If you have not seen, do not read ahead!!

      I've watched. Once. Enjoyed it muchly, and I'm looking forward to the chance to see it again.

      > First things first, the Doctor is able to flick a few switches and
      > push the Titanic out of the TARDIS walls and repair the walls.

      I think that might have been my favourite moment, right there in the beginning. I love scenes that
      show us how powerful the TARDIS actually is. Repairing itself so deftly. I also liked the way it
      fell to earth and just patiently waited for the Doctor. How did he know where to find it? Part of
      that telepathic field?

      > Built by a very rich man
      > named Max Capricorn, may rich aliens are all aboard being pampered by
      > the golden faced robotic and angelic Hosts.

      I was reminded (in concept) of "The End of the World", where we have rich fold and support staff
      and the Doctor using his psychic paper to appear a legitimate guest.

      > Astrid, who has never been to another planet, thanks to the Doctor,
      > gets to teleport down to a mostly deserted English town.

      It was London, wasn't it?

      > I really thought Kylie Minogue was likeable as Astrid Peth and it is
      > a shame they killed her off.

      I liked her too, but I don't know if there's enough substance there to keep her on - she didn't
      seem to have much of a background, or a life. Compare her to Rose, who had such a full and
      interesting life shown to us within the first few minutes of "Rose". Now this isn't to say that
      Astrid couldn't be given an equally interesting or different context - but it does seem that we
      will have quite enough Companions in the TARDIS next season anyway.

      In her last few second, when she became light, Astrid reminded me of Tinkerbell.

      > There are brilliant part of dialogue. Astrid grabs the Doctor and
      > kisses him. The Doctor kisses what is left of the physical pattern
      > of Astrid.

      I loved that. Aww. I just wish he'd kiss Captain Jack Harkness like that - but not if it's a
      final death scene, thanks all the same.

      > The scenes for next season feature the new look Sontaran suits, Donna
      > taking affront by an Ood for calling her Miss,

      I wonder what that means - did Donna find someone else to marry?

      > Donna is going to bring some
      > unique humor to the show next season.

      I just hope it doesn't become too much of a comedy. I prefer the more serious side of Doctor Who.

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