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Re: [torchwood] #Post #2253 - Humorous Torchwood Quiz Answers

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  • Elizabeth Holden
    ... Challenges are fun. ... Sadly, almost without dialogue, and no sense there that he knew the Doctor, as I recall. From Jack s point of view, I wonder how
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 25, 2007
      --- "Dean L. Kaufman" <deanlkaufman@...> wrote:

      > When I did my post #2253, only one person posted answers they thought
      > were right.

      Challenges are fun.

      > 1: What was the first story to feature Captain Jack Harkness?
      > b: The End of the World
      > Answer: Based on what we know supposedly now, the first story to
      > feature Captain Jack Harkness was "The End of the World" which
      > featured "The Face of Boe"

      Sadly, almost without dialogue, and no sense there that he knew the Doctor, as I recall. From
      Jack's point of view, I wonder how long it had been since he'd seen him.

      > who Captain Jack Harkness will apprently
      > one day become. The Mind Robber made reference to a fictional
      > Captain Jack Harkaway.

      What Doctor was that? Wait a minute, I can look it up - I got a gorgeous book of Doctor Who
      history for Christmas!

      > 2: Captain Jack Harkness apparently finally dies in what story?
      > b: Gridlock


      > Answer: The Face of Boe dies in "Gridlock" apparently spelling the
      > end of the extended life of Captain Jack Harkness.

      I like your 'apparently'.

      > 4: Which one of the following people does not know the secret
      > entrance to Torchwood?

      Isn't there more than one?

      > 5: Who has Owen not slept with?
      > a: Gwen Cooper
      > b: Suzie Costello
      > c: Toshiko Sato
      > d: Captain Jack Harkness
      > Answer: Owen apparently has never slept with Captain Jack yet.

      Poor Owen.

      We aren't sure about Owen and Tosh, are we?

      > 6: What is the only story to feature Captain Jack in another part of
      > Earth history so far that was not World War II or the year 200,100?
      > c: Small Worlds
      > Answer: The only story through Season 1 of Torchwood showed Captain
      > Jack on an ill-fated troop train in "Small Worlds" indicated he was
      > on Earth far earlier than World War II.

      I want more of that. Much more. I want a Pompeii story!

      > 9: The first known direct alien contact with Torchwood occured in
      > what story?
      > a: Army of Ghosts
      > b: Day One
      > c: Aliens of London
      > d: The Christmas Invasion
      > Answer: Torchwood's first known alien contact came in Aliens of
      > London when Toshiko Sato was examining the supposedly dead pig alien
      > that came from the ship that crashed into Big Ben and then interacted
      > with the the 9th Doctor.

      Surely Torchwood's first alien contact was in "Tooth and Claw", when we had both the Doctor and
      the werewolf at Torchwood House. Though I suppose it could be argued that Torchwood Institute
      didn't exist yet.

      > 10: The Torchwood team was so highly though of, they were invited to
      > dinner as a whole in what story?
      > a: Countrycide
      > b: Combat
      > c: Everything Changes
      > d: End of Days
      > Answer: They were invited as a whole to dinner as the dinner in
      > Countrycide.

      Hee. Burgers, anyone?

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