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Re: The Order of Things

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  • badblokebob
    Martha s not in the final five episodes of Who -- her first episodes are 4&5, the Sontaran two-parter. It s not clear when her other episodes are, though 11 to
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 22, 2007
      Martha's not in the final five episodes of Who -- her first episodes
      are 4&5, the Sontaran two-parter. It's not clear when her other
      episodes are, though 11 to 13 would be a safe bet!

      Incidentally, she's in episodes 6, 7 and 8 of Torchwood.

      --- In torchwood@yahoogroups.com, "Dean L. Kaufman"
      <deanlkaufman@...> wrote:
      > The Christmas special of Doctor Who airs in the UK next Tuesday
      > night. Look for my previous posts on file sharing if you do not
      > in UK.
      > "Voyage of the Damned" is set aboard a starship called the Titanic
      > with aliens celebrating the holidays making the ship look like the
      > original Titanic, except for the booster rockets along the sides at
      > the end of the ship. Singer Kylie Minogue plays a human waitress
      > aboard the soon-to-be-doomed starship Titanic named Astrid. You
      > see a good photo of the ship by going to tbe BBC website for Doctor
      > Who and completing the Titanic jigsaw puzzle. Astrid will survive
      > the adventure and may be back for a return appearance.
      > After the special, there should be a highlight trailer for the new
      > Doctor Who season which will very likely start in March, giving the
      > first glimpses at new Who episodes.
      > Some time in January, the BBC will start broadcasting uncut
      > of Season 2 of "Torchwood" starting with "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang".
      > new character of Captain John Hart (James Marsters) appears both in
      > this story and the season 2 finale.
      > During this season, Freema Agyeman joins Torchwood for three
      > as Dr. Martha Jones.
      > January 26th, BBC America starts airing the cut versions of the new
      > season of Torchwood, accompanied by the Doctor Who stories
      from "The
      > Runaway Bride" to "Last of the Time Lords", also cut for time and
      > content.
      > In March or perhaps April, the BBC starts the new season of Doctor
      > Who. During another unknown alien invasion of Earth, Donna Noble
      > searches out the Doctor to help and to take him up on offer of
      > travel. Donna will be in all thirteen episodes of next season.
      > Donna and the Doctor will visits Pompeii at time of Vesuvius, meet
      > Agatha Christie and visit "Planet of the Ood".
      > The last five episodes of the season will see Martha Jones return
      > travel with the Doctor. Her return story features Sontarans and a
      > castle.
      > The last three episodes of the season feature Billie Piper as Rose
      > Tyler. John Barrowman will play Captain Jack Harkness in at least
      > one of those three episodes or the episode where Martha rejoins the
      > Doctor. That has not been made clear.
      > Sarah Jane Smith and K9 may also put in appearances but that has
      > been confirmed.
      > If the 13 Doctor Who stories end on BBC in late June or early July,
      > expect Sci Fi Channel to start airing the new Who in July or August.
      > Hope that makes it all clear for you.
      > Dean L. Kaufman
      > Laguna Woods, CA
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