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Re: [torchwood] Torchwood episodes - comments

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  • Elizabeth Holden
    ... Hee. Are you sure it s not Miss Scarlet, in the Library, with the knife? Or - no, wait, it was Uncle Claudius who killed Hamlet s father! I said: Biggest
    Message 1 of 32 , Nov 17, 2006
      I said:
      > > >What are our parameters for spoilers?

      --- "Keith A. Glass" <salgak@...> wrote:
      > > Colonel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with the
      > Candlestick

      Hee. Are you sure it's not Miss Scarlet, in the
      Library, with the knife? Or - no, wait, it was Uncle
      Claudius who killed Hamlet's father!

      I said:
      Biggest mystery: Jack's timeline. As far as I can see,
      the only thing we know for sure is that "Torchwood:
      takes place after the Doctor Who episode "The Parting
      of the Ways".

      > > We ALSO know that it takes place after Season 2,
      > > as the Dalek-Cyberman War decimated Torchwood
      > > One in London.

      Hmm. Yes. And there's an implication - isn't there?
      with the hand? - that Jack was in the UK at the time
      of "The Christmas Invasion", only a few days later
      than "The Parting of the Ways" for the Doctor and Rose
      but who knows how much later that was for Jack?

      > > There's
      > > ALREADY a possible retcon in progress: We
      > > knew Capt. Jack was hanging
      > > around WW 2 London with his Timeship, from Season
      > > One of Doctor Who.

      1941. Yes.

      > > Yet he was ALSO commanding troops in Lahore circa
      > > early 1900's, and he
      > > took a lover sometime in the late 1930's/early
      > > 1940s.

      Wasn't 1944 mentioned as being when Estelle last saw

      > > And how did
      > > Jack get back to our time ? SPECULATION: Jack
      > > went back to at least
      > > 1900, and has been going forward since then,
      > > trying to catch up with the Doctor.

      Possibly. Definitely possible. Though that doesn't
      explain why Jack went back to c. 1900, or whatever
      unspecified date previous to 1909, or how he got
      there, or whether it was deliberate or accidental.

      If he was in the UK previous to "Doomsday", as it
      seems, why didn't Jack just go and visit Jackie at the
      Powell Estates, and tell he he wanted to be put in
      touch with Rose and the Doctor? - This question is
      mostly speculative and rhetorical, since we won't know
      till they tell us. And I have a few theories.

      > > Which itself causes a problem: for
      > > the time he was pulling off the scam
      > > which underlied "The Empty
      > Child" and "The Doctor
      > > Dances", he'd ALSO be around from the
      > time-stranded version of Jack.

      Scary idea.

      > > We saw the potential problems THERE, from
      > > "Father's Day".

      I have a theory that this is why the Doctor didn't go
      back to get Jack on the game station, and why he's
      avoided him ever since - that Jack's resurrection from
      death is a sort of analogue to Rose saving Pete, it
      isn't the way time should have gone, and the Doctor is
      trying to mitigate the resulting time paradox by
      staying away. Jack, of course, has no way to know

      I have an alternate theory that I like better than the
      idea that Jack has been around since c. 1900, which is
      that Jack visited the 20th century extensively before
      he met the Doctor, and maybe after, going back and
      forth. He might have gone to Lahore in 1909 after he
      met Estelle c. 1940.

      Another possibility: that he was born on earth c.
      1880 and the Lahore incident came before he'd taken up
      Time Travel at all.

      > > Rumor has
      > > it, the end-of-season finale will tie up these
      > > ends and, at least
      > > supposedly, re-connect Jack with The Doctor. . .

      I'm looking forward to that.

    • Andrew Reader
      ... LOL, as a patriotic Englishman I have to take issue with that, especially as I have visited the States many times and you re food isn t superior in any way
      Message 32 of 32 , Nov 23, 2006
        --- In torchwood@yahoogroups.com, "Keith A. Glass" <salgak@...> wrote:
        > Well. .. There's your problem right there. You're in Britain (grin)
        > Good beer, bad food.

        LOL, as a patriotic Englishman I have to take issue with that,
        especially as I have visited the States many times and you're food
        isn't superior in any way that I've seen (or tasted).

        I think the myth about British food being poor goes back to the war
        when GI's were stationed in Britain at the time that rationing was in
        full swing - of course there was nothing great on our dishes back then!
        Things have moved on since rationing ended in the 1950's :-)

        An interesting fact about food and world-wide eating habits: apparently
        Eskimos find cheese disgusting!

        Happy Thanksgiving from England,

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