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Doctor Who in December

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  • Dean L. Kaufman
    I know what you re thinking. There is no Doctor Who in December until Voyage of the Damned airs on Christmas Day. That is an incorrect assumption. There
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2007
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      I know what you're thinking. There is no Doctor Who in December
      until "Voyage of the Damned" airs on Christmas Day. That is an
      incorrect assumption. There is new Doctor Who prior to Christmas
      that will start airing between now and then.

      Weeks before "The Runaway Bride" aired, the BBC had been heavily
      airing promotional spots for the episode. It stands to reason that
      the BBC is about to unveil their commercial for "Voyage of the
      Damned" very soon and even one for the new season of Torchwood in

      For those here on the list in the UK, could somebody post when they
      start seeing commercials for "Voyage of the Damned" and commercials
      for the second season of Torchwood?

      Short of any commercial not shown yet.

      We know who the cast is of "Voyage of the Damned".

      Kylie Minogue plays an a waitress named Astrid, who apparently will
      survive the adventure to be asked back again at some other point in

      The actor who played the mini-pig and the Mox of Balhoun plays an
      alien that is aboard the Titanic.

      It's going to be a titanic adventure for the Doctor that hopefully
      will not leave you with a sinking feeling as you eat your salad with
      iceberg lettuce.

      Amazing amount of information here, isn't it?

      What we can surmise is that:

      The TARDIS is removed somehow from the bow of the Titanic.

      The Doctor has to find some way of repairing the TARDIS before it

      The TARDIS is repaired and the Doctor heads off to an adventure where
      he will meet up with Donna Noble again.

      As the adventure concludes, viewers will get their first peak at
      scenes from the new and upcoming season of Doctor Who in March or

      So when you start seeing these commercials, let us all know here so
      we can download them and watch them for ourselves.


      Dean L. Kaufman
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