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Time Crash & The Secret Diary Finale

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  • Dean L. Kaufman
    38 days and counting until Voyage of the Damned . First things first. Yhursday was the 8th and final episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl . Essentially,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2007
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      38 days and counting until "Voyage of the Damned".

      First things first.

      Yhursday was the 8th and final episode of "Secret Diary of a Call
      Girl". Essentially, Belle is seeing a very rich American movie
      producer named Mitch. Mitch suggests to her that she should be a
      couresan which is a major step up the ladder for a call girl.

      For those who don't know what a courtesan is, the best way of putting
      it is that Belle is doing the same thing with a lot less men for a
      lot more more money. Men want a girlfriend without the emotional
      mess of having a girlfriend.

      Mitch gives her a great pad with a fantastic view of London. She
      moves in but she is bored. She gets too needs for Mitch and he
      disappears. She gets in with a courtesan agency and gives notice to
      the woman who has been keeping her in business.

      Her pal Ben tries to cheer her up and ends up breaking up with his
      fiance. She gets fed up with the high life and leaves her new pad to
      become an independent. End of series. It was a fun eight episodes,
      but I would have like a better resolution to things.

      As to Time Crash, for those that don't know what the heck it is, here
      is the skinny. For those who saw "Last of the Time Lords" on Doctor
      Who, shortly thereafter dropping Martha off, the Doctor was hit by
      the Titanic. Anybody who remembers the early days of Colin Baker
      (I'm not talking Maxil), knows that the Doctor talked about the outer
      plasmic shell of the TARDIS being pierced.

      This interlude "Time Crash" occurs seconds after the Doctor leaves
      Martha and roughly five minutes before the Titanic crashes through te
      wall of the TARDIS.

      The Doctor has set the TARDIS going when something goes very wrong
      with the TARDIS. The next thing he knows, he is jostling the
      controls with his fifth incarnation looking a lot older, paunchier &
      greyer. Peter Davison has returned again to play the Doctor.

      Due to having traveled through time, the Doctor looks older. Once he
      is returned to his own timeline, he should be back to his younger
      self. Davison's Doctor believes the Doctor to be one of his fans,
      such as one of those "LINDA" people.

      When Davison is convinced that Tennant is his future self, they work
      together to get Davison back to his own time. As Davison fades away,
      he tries to remind Tennant's Doctor to reset the shields. Seconds
      later, the Titanic crashes through the walls of the TARDIS. AFter no
      Doctor Who since late June, five minutes was fare better than no Who.

      For those that did not see this, I do not expect it to be ever shown
      on Sci Fi Channel as part of next Who package. It would be nice, but
      the only way to see it is by downloading it or waiting for the next
      Who DVD set coming out in late 2008.

      Sarah Jane has the last episode of the season Monday night.

      Dean L. Kaufman
      Orange County, CA
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