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OT - Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Part 6 - Belle Take a Holiday

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  • Dean L. Kaufman
    This is about last night s ITV episode 6 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl . First off, there is a blog rating call grils and somebody has been saying that Belle
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2007
      This is about last night's ITV episode 6 of "Secret Diary of a Call

      First off, there is a blog rating call grils and somebody has been
      saying that Belle is stuck up and some other unflattering things. Due
      to this blog, Belle's madame sticks her with a client who is not very
      nice. Protocol dictates she calls in when the client arrives and this
      guy won't let her make the call. All he wants is for her to strip and
      get down to business. This freaks her out and before she knows it,
      the guy won't leave. She gives him back his money but the creap does
      leave. The blogs about her are now getting her the creep clients.

      Hannah's pal suggests she just do normal things like other people.
      She sits around in a park, where she sees how goofed up other normal
      people's lives are. She goes to buy him a wedding present and ends up
      taking the sales guy home. He thinks because of all of her massage
      oils that she is a masseuse. Her pal shows up claiming to be her
      fiance, which gets the sales guy to leave. Hannah's pal writes a blog
      about hwo great a lady Belle is and business is booming again. Belle
      makes it clear to her lady boss that there will be no more creeps.
      Not much of any sex in this story and certainly no nudity.

      Two more episodes to go until syndication world.

      Dean L. Kaufman
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