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Eye of the Gorgon - Part 2 - Last Night

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  • Dean L. Kaufman
    Last night on CBBC was the 2nd concluding episode to Eye of the Gorgon on CBBC in the UK. Maria s father had been turned to stone by the Gorgon and the nuns
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2007
      Last night on CBBC was the 2nd concluding episode to "Eye of the
      Gorgon" on CBBC in the UK.

      Maria's father had been turned to stone by the Gorgon and the nuns
      had the amulet that would act like a key to help the parasitic Gorgon
      race invade Earth.

      Having now seen the second two-parter since the series "The Sarha
      Jane Adventures" premiered several weeks ago, I can say that this is
      an enjoyable show where characters have to think their way out of

      There was no cop-out for the plot resolution. It even made it appear
      as if the amulet could cure an Alzheimer's patient, but the episode
      did not take the easy way out. All the previous victims of the
      Gorgon had a set time of being cured of being turned to stone, so
      there was also no turning those people back alive again. I would
      have liked to see more recriminations for the head nun for causing
      all the problems, but they did seem to forget about her once the
      Gorgon was dispatched and the Earth saved until the next alien threat.

      Luke Maria and Clyde are good additions to the character of Sarah
      Jane Smith. No K9 or even any mention of the robot dog.

      For those who read the mini-hardcover books put out of Doctor Who
      that featured the Doctor (9 & 10) with Rose Tyler and now with Martha
      Jones, there was a book put out about the 9th Doctor and Rose
      investigating a giveaway where winners of a rigged contest would get
      a video game. Others would win a holiday. Mickey got really good at
      killing these mantis-type aliens who were foes of good aliens that
      looked like humanoid porcupines.

      People who won the holidays were sent to go after the bug-creatures
      by people playing the game. Next week's Sarah jane appears to be
      about aliens that are using computer games to find really good gamers
      for some alien reason. There does appear to be some sort of bug race
      involved from the previews. I don't remember what the book was
      called, but I would say that next week appears to be a TV adaptation
      of the book geared toward Sarah Jane.

      The show is getting much better. There are now six more episodes or
      three two-parters left of Sarah Jane. There are 38 days left to the
      new Doctor Who segment that will be shown during the "Children in
      Need" November 16th telethon in the UK.

      California, USA
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