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Re: Torchwood's 2nd Season - The Lack of Info

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  • badblokebob
    Having even that much information this far in advance is pretty unusual for a British show, to be honest. Over here it s not quite like the US, where it seems
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      Having even that much information this far in advance is pretty unusual for a British show,
      to be honest. Over here it's not quite like the US, where it seems the new season is
      previewed months in advance with whole plot lines being detailed if you want them (or
      even if you don't quite often).

      With only a few exceptions, most shows here get preview articles in magazines in the week
      running up to broadcast, and that's about it (apart from the soaps, of course, where every
      single thing that is going to be happening seems to get printed in half a dozen (or more)
      magazines, etc. But that's another issue.) The amount of attention, coverage and
      information garned by "Doctor Who" is unbelievably high, and is mostly thanks to the
      'demands' of such a large fandom, the efforts of "Doctor Who Magazine", and the fact that
      its just about the most popular show on TV (meaning the press also bother to scout
      around for information). I remember from season one comments by security guards
      around location shooting, expressing surprise at the amount of attention the filming was
      getting (and that can only have got more intense after the series gained such a popular
      following later on).

      By contrast with "Who", the information we have on "Torchwood" looks miniscule, but I'd
      wager your list of five facts we know is about four facts longer than the list for any other
      returning drama on British TV.

      Of course, if RTD wanted to announce more information about the show there are ways to
      do so -- attempt to court press attention with a major guest star story; give DWM/SFX/etc
      something to print -- but TV producers, as a rule, enjoy keeping their show's surprises a
      surprise, so why would they put stuff out there when they don't have to? So, I really doubt
      it would be a quality issue, but is instead an entirely normal case of maintaining secrecy
      (and a lack of press interest to go digging).

      --- In torchwood@yahoogroups.com, "Dean L. Kaufman" <deanlkaufman@...> wrote:
      > There are three months left to this year and a few days. January is
      > the start of the new and second season of Torchwood. Mind you, for a
      > show premiering not long ago, this is the only news so far that has
      > been released about the new season.
      > James Marsters plays a Time Agent who comes looking for Captain Jack.
      > There will be a flashback story involving Captain Jack's parents
      > involving Captain Jack's youth in the Boe Shiaing Province in China
      > where he acquired his nickname.
      > Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) joins the cast for three episodes,
      > where her character will apparently grow enough that she will reach a
      > decision to rejoin the Doctor for five episodes next season on Doctor
      > Who. Whether Martha lets out her wild side, I have no idea.
      > Freema's name may or may not be added to list of actors in
      > Torchwood's opening credits for her three episodes.
      > Richard Briers(Paradise Towers) plays an elderly man who has been
      > collecting alien artifacts.
      > For a show that starts in just over three months, this is all there
      > about the new season. Why is there no other information going out
      > about the show? No episode titles. No other guest stars. Nothing.
      > What is going on with the deafening silence? Is it all about
      > preserving mystery or is the BBC not happy with the quality of what
      > RTD is giving them for next season?
      > Does anybody here know the answer to those questions?
      > Dean
      > Dana Point, CA
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