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OT - Sarah Jane & File Sharing

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  • Dean L. Kaufman
    I live on the west coast of California. I have never been to England, but I love English television shows, including science fiction. First off, The Sarah
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 22, 2007
      I live on the west coast of California. I have never been to
      England, but I love English television shows, including science

      First off, "The Sarah Jane Adventures" are going to be 10 half hour
      long episodes and you can also add the one hour pilot that aired
      almost 10 months ago. The first night it airs this week, the BBC is
      going to air part one of "Revenge of the Slitheen" and not long after
      another BBC channel is apparently going to air part two of the same
      story. What will be aired will apparently be five two-part stories.
      There has been no word whatsoever about any outlet in the US that
      will show these. Remember, although "Red Dwarf" was a hit in the US,
      Rob Grant's "The Strangerers" has never seen the light of day in this
      country on any any network. "Sarah Jane" may have to accumulate more
      episodes to get some sort of syndication deal in this country.

      A few hours after both episodes of Sarah Jane air this Monday, I will
      be seeing them on my home computer. If there is a real high demand
      like I think, it could be Tuesday morning that I am watching them
      with my morning coffee. When each episode of the show is half an
      hour, it does not make it easy to fit the show into a US broadcast
      schedule. There are also many people who do not remember Sarah
      Jane's adventures with the Doctor or were too young.

      There is soething else happening next week, that may or may not
      interest people. Every person I have shown the Rose Tyler stories
      too, even if they are not into science fiction fell in love with
      her. This week on ITV, is the start of an eight-episode miniseries
      starring Billie Piper. Each episode will also be half an hour in
      length. It is called "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" and it is being
      billed as being sexually explicit.

      If you think about, in terms of success, many actors who have played
      companions have not gone on to bigger and better things. I don't
      know how far Billie Piper is going to change her image from Doctor
      Who, but I for one want to see what she is capable of. I will be
      watching the first episode hours later or the next day. I will share
      copies with friends while making no money off of the matter. People
      I have talked with are anxious to see more of her, even if it is old
      music videos from her days as a British pop singer.

      Almost everybody here knows that December 25th is the Doctor Who
      Christmas Special, "Voyage of the Damned", but nobody seems to be
      talking about newer Doctor Who even sooner that airs on November 16th.

      November 16th is the annual "Children In Need" telethon in the UK.
      There are so many telethons, that yet another is usually of no
      consequence, but this one is. Apparently, Steven Moffat has written
      a special Doctor Who segment where David Tennant's Doctor will meet
      Peter Davison's Doctor. I have no idea how long this segment will
      be, but it will be available for download online not long after the
      segment airs. I am really looking forward to this.

      For those who discount "Children In Need", several years ago, a
      specil segment aired during the telethon that showed the newly-
      regereated Doctor traying to convince Rose that he was indeed the
      Doctor. The segment should have been tacked on to "The Christmas
      Invasion" when it aired on Sci Fi, but American audiences will never
      see that segment unless they buy the DVD set.

      Home computers are getting more and more powerful, breaking down
      International boundries. Torchwood begins its new season in January
      on on the 31 days. I am not going to wait to see it. Doctor Who
      will have its new season in March or April of next year.

      Don't complain about not seeing British shows when they air across
      the world. Do something about and learn how to do file sharing.
      What is file sharing, you ask?

      If you computer can play video files or download a good media player
      like the VLC Media Player (www.videolan.org), you can download. If
      you have a lot of space on your hard drive, you can file share. If
      you have a DVD burning drive on your computer, you can burn copies of
      what you download and give them to your friends. If you can leave
      your computer running for 24 hours a day or longer, you can file

      Essentially, many file sharing sites, and there are many, allow you
      to download many different things. If you miss an episode of an
      American TV show because your VCR acted up, you don't have to miss it

      A file sharing site breaks up the digital recording of anything into
      something called bit torrents. Bit torrents are something like
      pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When all the pieces come together, the
      download finishes and you can see the finished product.

      To manage any downloads, you need a download program manager. The
      best one is Azureus (www.azureus.sourceforge.net). If you choose to
      download something, Azureus will open on its own and ask you what
      folder in "My Videos" you want to save the download to.

      The top screen on Azureus shows you what you are downloading, how
      much you have downloaded of the file, how much you need to download,
      the ETA until your download finishes and the share ratio of what you
      are downloading.

      Have you heard the term "kid in a candy store"? When you see what is
      offered on many of these sites, you will want to download everything
      you can see. No computer has that much capacity. You also have to
      realize when you sign up to many sites, you start off with a share

      Think of a share ratio as the money you are gambling with in a game
      of chance. You bet too much and that pile goes down. You are
      careful with what you do and the pile keeps going up and up. Once
      you have downloaded the epsiode you want, is no reason to shut your
      computer off.

      The file you downloaded from a site was put there by a "seeder".
      When you choose to download something, you become a seeder or
      leecher. Azureus keeps track of how many seeders and leechers are
      after a file you are trying to download. If you see 0 seeders, it
      means usually that the seeder shut his computer off.

      You have to keep your computer on. When you have fully downloaded a
      file or episode, you become a seeder for that file. As more and more
      people download the file, your share ratio on many sites keeps going
      up and up. That usually means also that when something does come
      available that everybody wants, you will be able to download it
      faster. If you have a low share ratio, many sites may tell you that
      in 10 hours, the download will start. The higher your ratio, the
      quicker you can get what you want.

      Sometimes what you download will be crap. There is a lame comedy
      show in the UK called "The Friday Night Project". There was an
      episode a few weeks ago where David Tennant was guest host and even
      did a scene dressed in drag. The only highlight of the download was
      seeing how good a singer Amy Winehouse is.

      People keep saying that Catherine Tate has a good comedy show in the
      UK. I have never seen it. I could download an episode and see what
      she is like outside of the one Doctor Who she has done so far.
      Doctor Who is going to make her an International star.

      If you don't like to keep your computer on for extended periods of
      time, don't complain about Sarah Jane airing this Monday across the
      world. Get off your duff and do something about it. And as far as
      the broadcast dates I mentioned, mark them on your calendars.

      If you want to find out what sites you can download episodes from,
      that is easy to find out. If you want to see Billie Piper doff her
      clothes and say things Rose Tyler would never say, that is your
      choice. I don't know how far her miniseries will go, but they gave
      her the starring role in it because she showed the world what she
      could do on Doctor Who. Judge that on its own merits.

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