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Re: [torchwood] Interesting website

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  • Alex Taylor
    Oohhh thank you that s an awesome site :D ... -- _ / _¸.¤**¤· .¸·¤**¤ :-) ¸. ¤**¤ Alex T/Dom¤**¤ /.· ·. ¸ .·¤**¤ ·.,·¤** Mate to
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 3, 2007
      Oohhh thank you that's an awesome site :D

      On 04/09/07, Stacci <kindred1964@...> wrote:

      _ /\ _¸.¤**¤· .¸·¤**¤ :-)
      \ ¸. '¤**¤ Alex T/Dom¤**¤
      /.· ·.\¸ .·¤**¤ ·.,·¤**

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    • pfyre
      ... actually I ve always found wikipedia.org to have a pretty good info on Torchwood etc. check out: there is tons
      Message 2 of 3 , Sep 3, 2007
        At 06:29 PM 9/3/2007, Stacci mentioned:

        >At the website:
        >I don't know if it's accurate of course, you would be better judges
        >of this.

        actually I've always found wikipedia.org to have
        a pretty good info on 'Torchwood' etc.

        check out:

        there is tons and tons more material available there

        >"The Twenty-First Century is when it all changes. And you've gotta be
        >– Captain Jack Harkness
        >`Torchwood' follows the adventures of a team of investigators from
        >the top-secret organisation known as the Torchwood Institute. Working
        >separately from the government, outside the police and above the
        >United Nations, the team utilise captured alien technology to defend
        >the Earth from extraterrestrial threat, and to solve crimes both
        >human – and alien. The team is led by the dashing Captain Jack
        >Harkness, a Time Agent from the Fifty-First Century, and comprises of
        >Owen Harper, the cocky and oversexed medic; Toshiko Sato, who
        >specialises in all things technical; impeccably-dressed receptionist-
        >administrator Ianto Jones; and Gwen Cooper, a policewoman whose
        >dogged curiosity led her to uncover the truth behind the shadowy
        >organisation that she eventually joined.
        >The Torchwood Institute was originally founded by Queen Victoria,
        >following the events at Torchwood House in the Scottish Highlands in
        >1879. After encountering a mysterious man known as the Doctor and his
        >assistant, Rose, the Queen and her party were captured by a band of
        >warrior monks and terrorised by a vicious alien werewolf – a
        >terrifying experience which prompted the queen to found an institute
        >to investigate and fight supernatural threats. Over the years,
        >Torchwood has retrieved and studied extraterrestrial artefacts and
        >technology that has found its way to Earth; helped defeat attacks
        >from alien races such as the Sycorax, the Cybermen and the Daleks;
        >and kept a record of any sightings of the enigmatic time-traveller
        >called the Doctor…
        >`Torchwood' was created by the prolific Russell T Davies, and is a
        >spin-off from `Doctor Who', the show that Davies successfully revived
        >and transformed into the BBC's award-winning flagship programme.
        >However, unlike its parent, `Torchwood' is aimed at a post-watershed
        >audience, enabling it to be much darker, grittier, swearier and
        >sexier – as Davies puts it, a "sci-fi paranoid thriller, a cop show
        >with a sense of humour". Combining these elements with slick visuals
        >and smart direction succeeds in giving the show a style that sets it
        >apart from traditional `Doctor Who' (even managing to make the show's
        >main location, Cardiff, look like Los Angeles), but the scripts still
        >include enough references to bring a knowing smile to a `Doctor Who'
        >fan's lips. The only problem with `Torchwood' is that it just isn't
        >as `grown up' as it was promised to be, leaving the viewer with the
        >feeling that it isn't quite as good as it could have been; hopefully
        >season two will address this – as well as give us more monsters!
        >The Torchwood Institute itself was first referred to in the `Doctor
        >Who' episode 'Bad Wolf', and seen in action (albeit off-screen)
        >in 'The Christmas Invasion'; a prelude followed in `'Tooth and Claw',
        >while many episodes in Season 28 contained references to the
        >organisation. It is worth noting the name "Torchwood" is actually an
        >anagram of "Doctor Who", an in-joke as Russell T Davies used the
        >name 'Torchwood' as a security measure during the production
        >of 'Doctor Who', to disguise preview tapes of the first episodes.

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