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Fic: Choices of the Heart Jack/Ianto Jack/Ten FRT (Doctor Who/Torchwood)

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  • Alex Taylor
    My god its been so long since I ve posted a new fic... (I ve got heaps I ve just been too lazy to post them but here goes)* * *Title: *Choices of the Heart
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2007
      My god its' been so long since I've posted a new fic... (I've got heaps I've
      just been too lazy to post them but here goes)*

      *Title: *Choices of the Heart

      *Author: *Immortal Aussie

      *Email: *bookworm1987@...

      *Fandom: *Doctor Who/Torchwood

      *Rating: *FRT

      *Summary: *Ianto wants Jack to choose between him and the Doctor and
      Jackhas some surprising news for the two men

      *Disclaimer: *RTD owns these characters and I have nothing to do with them

      *Warnings: *Slash. Threesome. Partner cheating. Mpreg

      *Challenge: *Winters Compainion

      *Prompt/s: *Ianto forces Jack to choose between him and the Doctor and

      *Word Count: *390

      Jack stared at the two men in front of him. The Doctor, the person he hated
      but loved with all of his soul and Ianto Jones, another man he loved.

      'You can only have one of us Jack. I won't stand this anymore, you sleeping
      with both of us behind each other's back. We both knew what you were doing
      though. If you want to be with him that is fine, if you want to be with me
      that's fine, you just can't be with both of us.' That's what Ianto had told
      him just moment ago. He was torn in two. He loved both of them and wanted to
      have both of them; he didn't want to or couldn't choose between the two of

      The Doctor placed a hand under Jack's chin forcing him to look the Doctor in
      the eyes. "Jack I love you, you know that but like Ianto I don't mind who
      you choose. Just follow your heart. I know that we'll always be friends no
      matter whom you choose."

      Jack looked at the two of them. He then knew what he had to do even though
      he had, had an idea. "Doc," he started before taking a deep breath. "The
      last time we slept together�" he trailed off not sure how to put this.

      "Yes�" the Doctor prompted him.

      Jack ducked his head and blushed slightly before saying, "We didn't use
      protection." Glancing back up Jack saw realisation dawn on both men's faces.

      "You� you mean you're pregnant?" the Doctor asked him.

      "Uhhhhh�ummmm�yeah�" Jack stuttered whispering.

      "Then you'll want to be with the Doctor," Ianto said sounding heartbroken
      though he had said he didn't mind whom Jack chose to be with.

      "I'm so sorry Yan. I want the child to have the childhood one I never had
      with his father. I just wish the three of us could have been together," he
      added so quietly the other two men barely heard him.

      Ianto and the Doctor looked at each other like they hadn't thought of that.
      "You know I hadn't thought of that," the Doctor said and Ianto nodded his

      "A threesome? You hadn't thought of a threesome?" Jack asked surprised.

      "So a threesome it is!" the Doctor exclaimed twirling Jack and then Ianto
      around. "Now we can all raise the child together."

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