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Re: [torchwood] Torchwood!!!!!!! A Review of the first three eps

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  • giant.squid@virgin.net
    Okay, for us Doctor Who fans, the new spinoff, Torchwood is must see tv. Kind of a mix of X-Files, Buffy, and Men In Black, ****not to mention Captain
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 6, 2006
      Okay, for us Doctor Who fans, the new spinoff, Torchwood is must see tv. Kind of a mix of X-Files, Buffy, and Men In Black,

      ****not to mention Captain Scarlet....

      Torchwood brings back Captain Jack from Sereis One of the new Doctor Who and is about a super secret group (that somehow most people seem to know about)

      ***Probably because of the Sycorax...

      The first episode, Everything Changes, was written by new Who creator Russell T. Davies and introduced Ms. Miles as Gwen, a police officer who gets mixed up in a murder investigation that leads to the discovery of Toirchwood and becomes a member of the team. Good, solid first episode and I liked it a great deal.

      *Yep...it was a good solid opener. Introduced all the main themes and set the tomne very nicely indeed...bravo!

      The second episode, Day One, chronicles Gwen's first assignment as a part of the Torchwood team, and
      was even better than the first episode.

      ***Ah. Now there we'lll have to disagree. I thought the second ep. was a substantial let down. I think the problem was that it was trying too hard to be adult. All the sex, swearing, sex, more sex, more swearing was quite tiresome....the thing is, they'd ascertained that the programme was adult in a much more elegant scene in the first episode....the 'sex spray' scene.....funny AND pointing the way. Episode two was a spin on 'Species' (and therefore A for Andromeda) that was pretty ham-fisted. The characters seemed less certain of themselves and less developed, too, becoming 2 dimensional cyphers of the characters inn episode one.....thjis may have something to do with episode being shot first or maybe just poor writing....it was still enjoyable in a sub X-files sort of way, but I hope there's a raise in quality from episode 3 onwards.

      The third episode, Ghost Machine, is by far the best of the three.

      ******hmmm.....well, I'll be watching three and four this weekend, so my thoughts will no doubt be here once i've watched them....

      The team gets ahold of an alien artifact that allows the user to experience a very emotional moment from the past in any particular location. They not only see the past, but actually feel it. This becomes the major story as one of the team experiences a brutal crime committed back in 1963, from the point of view of the victim's emotions, and becomes obsessed with seeing the perpetrator pay for his crime.

      ***Although this sounds like strange days, to me...Dunno why I'm complaining.....X-files adapted many movies into worthwhile TV episodes in it's first few seasons. Actually, once they stopped doing that it became unwatchable.....

      I still love Doctor Who, but Torchwood has become a worthy spin-off and I look forward to seeing the rest of the season with much anticipation.

      ***Me too. Bearing in mind the only other spin off was the excrable K9 and Co., Torchwood has already surpassed expectations....

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