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Re: [torchwood] spinoffs

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  • David King
    I was thinking along the same lines myself, re the whole Time War scenario and use Paul McGann as the Doctor again, as a spinoff. Torchwood is doing well, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 3, 2006
      I was thinking along the same lines myself, re the whole Time War
      scenario and use Paul McGann as the Doctor again, as a spinoff.
      Torchwood is doing well, and Doctor Who has done so well, that if
      resources were there, I am sure that it would be worth making and would
      be a success. And a chance to see more Daleks and Time Lords. And we
      could find out what caused it. Was it caused by the spirit of the
      Master, whom the Doctor took to Skaro, the Dalek homeworld, when played
      by McGann?

      I was thinking as well, that it is even feasible to have the Doctor
      appear in Torchwood, but NOT the current Doctor. He said earlier that he
      remembered Harriet Jones being Prime Minister in the near future, so
      either as Eccleston or McGann he would have visited the Earth at that
      time, and maybe at the time of the current Torchwood series.

      If they have not put that into the first series already, maybe it could
      go into the second series. Although in the Torchwood episode of Doctor
      Who, the Doctor was surprised to find Torchwood and said he had never
      heard of it before, and Torchwood said they had kept themselves secret
      from him. So there could not be any knowledge of Torchwood, but maybe a
      brief visit involving one of the characters meeting the Doctor and
      reporting back to Captain Jack, who then wants to go off and find the
      Doctor to find out why he is now immortal. Except that the Doctor would
      not remember Capt Jack as to the Doctor, their meeting in WW2 is still

      So many possibilities, we can only hope that the BBC will make the
      resources available to explore many avenues of the Doctor Who universe.


      virgo_teddybear wrote:
      > I would like to say a friendly hello to all my fellow members
      > regardless of which side of the Titanic they live on, has a better
      > ring than 'across the pond' in my mind. I am near Chicago in the USA
      > myself. I have only seen series one of the new who. I do not have
      > cable and will just wait until January to see series two. MY 'quest'
      > currently is to locate the character options figures.
      > And a big thank you to the member that posted the first two episodes
      > so that we could see them!
      > For a while there I was starting to feel like Benton listening to
      > the Brig and the Doctor talking in the UNIT canteen. But now I feel
      > like Sarah Jane after seeing the episodes.
      > I am debating as to the merits of giving my opinion of the series
      > (TORCHWOOD) so far. We all have our own opinion of it and I am sure
      > it is based on our own outlook on life.
      > So maybe an out of left field comment might be better, with the idea
      > of spinoffs why didnt they think of having the Time Wars as a
      > series? I would think it would be the perfect opportunity for Paul
      > McGann to be the Doctor again. Near the end of it Chris E. could
      > make an appearance. Since he looked in the Mirror in "Rose" and had
      > flipped his ears I got the impression he had recently regenerated or
      > had been on Karfel for a long time. As this is a TORCHWOOD forum and
      > not a who forum, I wont discuss WHO.
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