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Re: [torchwood] The Master

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  • pfyre
    At 05:13 AM 5/11/2007, Sarah McNally posted: ~~*~~*~~BEGIN ORIGINAL MESSAGE~~*~~*~~ ... I didn t think that the guy who spoke with Martha s mother was claiming
    Message 1 of 7 , May 11, 2007
      At 05:13 AM 5/11/2007, Sarah McNally posted:
      ~~*~~*~~BEGIN ORIGINAL MESSAGE~~*~~*~~
      >The actor playing The Master, due for a return in the current DW (UK), is
      >John Simms who was not the guy claiming to be Saxon. I am not sure who
      >this man was - perhaps the Master has an assistant too? But we should not
      >hijack the Torchwood discussion for DW!!??

      I didn't think that the guy who spoke with Martha's mother was claiming to
      be Saxon rather passing along information from Mr. Saxon?

      >David King <<mailto:learn%40learningplace.info>learn@...>
      >wrote: First, his name is Saxon not Saxton.
      >Second, he did not warn Martha's mother, I do not know yet who that dark
      >haired man was, but Saxon is played by a different actor and appeared
      >twice in the clips at the end showing the previews of the rest of the
      >series. He was the one tapping his hand on the glass desk, wearing an
      >oxygen mask while all around him were either dead or unconscious.
      >Suggests to me that he got into power at 10 Downing St (assuming it was
      >rebuilt after the Slitheens' failed coup), and then kills off all the
      >cabinet to take absolute power to himself, just like the Master.
      >It will interesting to see how it turns out with Harold Saxon/Master
      >facing the Doctor yet again, apparently having survived being in the Eye
      >of Harmony in the Tardis and the Time War.
      >David K
      >John wrote:
      > > So how much do you wanna bet that harold Saxton, the man warning
      > > Martha's mother about The Doctor, is The Master. I wonder if the
      > > season finale is leading up to The Master's official return?
      > >
      > > John
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