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David Tennant on JB/Capt Jack

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    David Tennant on JB/Capt Jack Thanks to [] kikibug13 via
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2007
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      David Tennant on JB/Capt Jack
      Thanks to <http://kikibug13.livejournal.com/profile>
      <http://kikibug13.livejournal.com/>kikibug13 via
      <http://community.livejournal.com/tennant_love/>tennant_love, who scanned
      David Tennant's interview in Attitude Magazine. I put the second bit under
      a cut but it seems too vague to qualify as a spoiler.

      How's it been working with John Barrowman?
      It's been great having John back, it really has been a hoot. I mean you've
      met John, haven't you? He's a force of nature - as is the character. He
      comes in at the end of the season when everyone's getting a bit weary and
      suddenly big JB arrives, singing and dancing and entertaining us all.

      Captain Jack is omnisexual. Do your characters flirt?
      Not initially, because the Doctor and Jack have got some issues and that
      uses up an episode, and then the shit hits the fan on such a cosmic level.
      They evidently get on very well and rely on each other very quickly and
      they're a great team. They're quite sharp with each other but in a loving way.

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