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'Doctor Who' Postponed For Eurovision Song Contest

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    Doctor Who Postponed For Eurovision Song Contest PLUS: Spin-off shows go back into production By ALAN STANLEY BLAIR Source: BBC May-02-2007 Doctor Who is
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      'Doctor Who' Postponed For Eurovision Song Contest
      PLUS: Spin-off shows go back into production

      Source: BBC

      "Doctor Who" is only just approaching the half way point of its third
      season, but that doesn't mean the series schedule is safe.

      In an official announcement this week, the BBC has announced that Episode 7
      of the long-running series' third season will be postponed a week to make
      room for the annual Eurovision Song Contest presented by Terry Wogan.

      The announcement comes only a few weeks after Episode Three of the new
      season, "Gridlock," was tipped to be pushed back a week due to football,
      but thankfully the game finished on time and the episode aired as
      originally planned. It also comes just a couple weeks after "Daleks In
      Manhattan" aired about 25 minutes early, producing what many fans say is
      some of the series' lowest ratings.

      Episode 7, entitled "42," was written by "Torchwood" executive Producer
      Chris Chibnall, and has been re-scheduled for May 19. The Eurovision, which
      starts at 8 p.m., is notorious for displacing serialized shows every year,
      and now "Doctor Who" is among its casualties. According to sources, the BBC
      considered bringing "Doctor Who" forward to an earlier timeslot for the
      evening, however opted against it as episodes that have been shifted in the
      past have tended to draw in a smaller audience.

      The episode "42" sees the Doctor and Martha set off on a "24"-style
      adventure that unfolds in as close to real time as the series can do. After
      materializing in a crippled ship plummeting toward a sun, the dynamic duo
      have 42 minutes to uncover why the ship is taking the plunge and who has
      been taking control of its crew.

      Former "East Enders" star Michelle Collins will be making her Whovian debut
      as the captain of the doomed craft, McConnell.

      In the following weeks, fans will see a more tender side to the Doctor as
      he is forced to settle down and start a life in a two-part story that
      started life as the series tie-in novel "Human Nature" by Paul Cornell.

      In other Who-universe news, both "Doctor Who" spinoffs are back in full
      swing with filming under way for the second series of the adult-themed
      "Torchwood" and the children series "The Sarah Jane Adventures." According
      to Outpost Gallifrey, the Welsh-centric "Torchwood" has already begun
      filming its second season starting with scenes from Episodes 4 and 10.

      Meanwhile, a little closer to the capital, the annoying and grossly
      unpopular character of Kelsey (Porsha Lawrence-Mavour) has been removed
      from "Sarah Jane Investigates," the spinoff aimed at a younger, "hipper"
      audience. The actress was featured in the extended-length pilot that aired
      at New Year, however it has been announced actor Daniel Anthony will be
      stepping into the series to take her place.

      "Doctor Who" is currently airing its third season in the United Kingdom on
      BBC One, and is expected to air on the SciFi Channel in the United States
      in July.

      "Torchwood" will air its first season on BBC America within the next couple
      months as well.


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