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    Moment the devil brought mayhem to our city centre.(News) From:
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      Moment the devil brought mayhem to our city centre.(News)

      From: <http://www.highbeam.com/doc//Search.aspx?q=%22john+barrowman%22
      publication:[%22South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)%22]>South Wales Echo
      (Cardiff, Wales) | Date:
      pubdate:[20070101;20070107]>January 4, 2007

      Hit Cardiff sci-fi series Torchwood climaxed with a spectacular double
      episode featuring a giant monster rampaging through the city.

      Bringing the 13-episode series to a hair-raising finale last night, series
      creator Russell T Davies brought terror to his fictional Cardiff. Captain
      Jack Harkness' team came face to face with the computer-generated giant as
      they stood in a lane between the Echo offices and St David's House.

      And Captain Jack, played by actor John Barrowman, took on the monster -
      which the team had supposedly released by opening a rift in time - in a
      patch of desolated docklands. The time-rift storyline saw Harkness and
      character Tosh transported back to the height of World War II in 1941. As
      the Torchwood team opened the rift to bring them back, events spiralled out
      of control. Medieval carriers of the Black Death brought bubonic plague to
      Cardiff and a Roman gladiator went on a killing spree in Penarth.

      The finale was well-received by critics, the Guardian proclaiming 'for all
      that Torchwood dipped mid-season, its finale is terrific'.

      Last month, the Echo revealed the second series would be screened on BBC2.

      COPYRIGHT 2007 MGN Ltd.


      Bean man Barrowmanis a Jack of all trades.(News)

      From: <http://www.highbeam.com/doc//Search.aspx?q=%22john+barrowman%22
      publication:[%22South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)%22]>South Wales Echo
      (Cardiff, Wales) | Date:
      pubdate:[20061215;20061221]>December 18, 2006

      Echo competition winner Sophie Davies had a night to remember at the
      theatre thanks to the star of the show.

      The 13-year-old from Pentrebane, Cardiff, was one of 500 Echo winners to
      enjoy the first night of Jack and the Beanstalk at the New Theatre but the
      cherry on the cake was meeting lead actor John Barrowman.

      Sophie, who went with mum Lynette, and grandmother Jill Walters, said: 'We
      were waiting by the stage door and then the stars from the panto came out
      and John Barrowman who plays Jack came over and signed his autograph and he
      had his picture taken with me.

      'It was brilliant.'

      Mum Lynette Davies, 33, from Bramble Close, added: 'He was very
      accommodating and he signed everything that people asked. He apologised
      that he couldn't stay longer but there was a car waiting to take him to

      John, star of Torchwood and Doctor Who, Welsh funnyman Andy Jones and
      Capital Gold's Tony Wright are among the cast of this year's pantomime
      which marks the theatre's 100th birthday.

      To celebrate, the theatre gave away 125 family tickets to Echo readers for
      the first night of the show on Saturday.

      Sophie, who is taught at home, also took friend Leah Gill.

      Grandmother Jill Walters, 60, said: 'I haven't laughed so much in ages.

      'All the actors were brilliant and the whole performance was good.

      'I know Sophie was thrilled when she met John Barrowman. When he came on
      stage he said 'Croeso Caerdydd' and he said it very well considering he has
      an American accent.'

      Sophie's mum Lynette added: 'It was that good, if we could get the money
      together we would go again.'

      The show runs until January 27, 2007.

      Tickets are available from the New Theatre Box Office on 029 2087 8889 or
      online at www.new theatre cardiff.co.uk. Tickets start at just pounds 7.50
      with discounts available at most performances. Online bookings carry a
      small transaction fee.

      COPYRIGHT 2006 MGN Ltd.


      Letter: Hard to tell Who's who.(Letters)

      From: <http://www.highbeam.com/doc//Search.aspx?q=%22john+barrowman%22
      publication:[%22Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)%22]>Sunday Mail (Glasgow,
      Scotland) | Date:
      pubdate:[20061228;20070103]>December 31, 2006

      Byline: Graham Watson

      HAS Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman, left, married himself?
      Guests at his wedding to his gay lover Scott Gill could certainly be
      forgiven for registering a double take at the likeness between the two.
      Perhaps Scott is actually an alien clone of the mysterious time traveller.
      - Graham Watson, Hyndland Glasgow.

      COPYRIGHT 2006 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

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