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Tennant: ‘Who’ Season 3 Is Choc-Full Of Monsters - MINOR SPOILERS for the third season of "Doctor Who."

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    Tennant: Who Season 3 Is Choc-Full Of Monsters PLUS: Britney Spears appearance just a joke gone wrong By ALAN STANLEY BLAIR
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2007
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      Tennant: 'Who' Season 3 Is Choc-Full Of Monsters

      PLUS: Britney Spears appearance just a joke gone wrong
      By <mailto:ablair@...>ALAN STANLEY BLAIR
      Source: <http://darkhorizons.com>Dark Horizons

      The following story contains MINOR SPOILERS for the third season of "Doctor

      Press in the United Kingdom have already started up their "Doctor Who"
      rumour mill as the third season launch date draws closer, running with
      stories such as a cameo appearance by Britney Spears, a feature film based
      on the series and the departure of David Tennant himself.

      However, in an exclusive interview with his official Web site, the good
      Doctor himself Tennant quashed all rumors and also gave a quick run down of
      the season.

      The third season of the show (referred to as a "series" in the United
      Kingdom) is coming to a close with production well underway on the final
      block of episodes, including the return of Capt. Jack Harkness (John
      Barrowman) and the two-part finale.

      "We are on the final furlong now really," Tennant said. "We're on the last
      block of episodes now. We should be finished in about three weeks. We were
      filming in a quarry last night which is the stereotypical 'Doctor Who'
      location shoot. We haven't been in many quarries in this series though."

      Tennant's mention of a quarry relates back to the original series of
      "Doctor Who" where an abandoned quarry was constantly used as a backdrop
      for an unknown or abandoned alien world with the same site appearing in
      several stories.

      "Episode One ('Smith and Jones') is finished and I've seen that," he added.
      "I was very pleased with it. I think everyone is quite pleased with it all.
      Episode Two ('The Shakespeare Code') should be finished today, I think, so
      I should get to see that soon. The filming of this series seems to have
      gone a lot quicker than last year for some reason."

      But just because the season has finished filming a little quicker, there is
      no reason to expect a lack of creativity on the part of the monsters and
      villains. According to Tennant, the season will be packed full of new and
      familiar faces.

      "There's the Judoon in Episode One," he said. "They are like space
      Stormtroopers with heads like rhinos. They are really impressive actually.
      They have a prosthetically made mask which is controlled by animatronics
      and Nick Briggs, who does the voice of the Daleks, is doing their voices
      and it just sounds fantastic."

      Although the Judoon have already been revealed in the "Coming Soon" teaser
      that played following the Christmas episode "The Runaway Bride," (they were
      the small task force smashing through a door) there are still a few secrets
      still in store.

      "In Episode Two there's the Carrionites and then in Episode Three there's
      Cat People. They are different to the Cat Nuns that were in New Earth
      though. Ardal O'Hanlon plays a Ginger Tom who has a wife."

      But even with all the new monsters and threats out there, it just wouldn't
      be a season of "Doctor Who" without his most fearsome nemesis, The Daleks.

      "The Daleks are back! I think it's pretty widely known that they will be
      back now. And they are back for the episode in New York," Tennant said.

      Spoilers for the two-part adventure featuring the surviving Dalek from the
      Cult of Skaro have already leaked out to the press, indicating they will be
      located in 1930s New York with dastardly plans to take over the world and
      restore his race's supremacy by disrupting the fabric of time.

      "Then there's Mark Gatiss (playing Professor Lazarus) he starts off OK and
      then becomes a monster," Tennant said. " Then there's The Family Of Blood,
      oh, and Episode 10 by Stephen Moffatt has some very creepy monsters in it.
      You get to know them by their legendary name I think. They are very creepy

      Rumor has it that the "legendary" creatures Tennant is referring to is
      actually vampires. However, given the Doctor's advanced knowledge of all
      things, he will attempt to explain them, referring to the blood-suckers as

      "Episode 10 is a bit like 'Love & Monsters' because we aren't in it that
      much, although I think I am in it more than I was in 'Love & Monsters'
      because of the way Stephen has written it. And then there's the series
      finale and I'm not going to tell you what happens in that. You'll have to
      wait and see."

      However, the big question on everyone's lips is how will the series do with
      its new leading lady Freema Agyeman at the Doctor's side. Agyeman, who had
      a small appearance in "Army of Ghosts" last season as an unrelated
      character, takes on the role of medical student Martha Jones and will help
      the legendary Time Lord deal with the loss of his closest companion Rose
      (Billie Piper) in a whole new relationship.

      "It's similar because it's just the two of them traveling around together
      having these amazing adventures and that one of them is a human," Tennant
      said. "But Martha is different to Rose and The Doctor is in a very
      different place because of what happened with Rose. There is a different
      dynamic because The Doctor is not looking for a new best friend. Or at
      least he thinks he isn't. And Martha's story is very different from Rose's
      story. Different things will happen in Martha's story throughout the
      series. It would have been boring to keep it the same and Russell is such a
      genius writer."

      During the interview, Tennant also commended his Christmas co-star
      Catherine Tate, who stepped in as the companion in "The Runaway Bride."
      Tate, whose trademark is the loud mouthed characters of her sketch show
      "The Catherine Tate Show," was able to take on a more emotional role and
      was there to kick-start the Doctor's healing process.

      "She was great. She is a real talent," he said. "She is actually very quiet
      and unassuming in real life, which you don't expect because of all these
      wonderful characters that she creates. The more I got to know her the more
      I liked her. She is really funny. She is also a wonderful actress. I'm
      really looking forward to seeing her new drama ('The Bad Mother's Handbook')."

      Series creator Russell T. Davies is reportedly attempting to bring a dash
      of Hollywood to the series with an "announcement" that he was actively
      pursuing Britney Spears for a role. According to Tennant, though, fans
      shouldn't worry because that report is the result of a joke gone wrong.

      "Yeah I heard about this," he said. "No, she's not doing it. I don't know
      where that came from. Probably Russell making a joke!"


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