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916Re: [torchwood] Re: Jack / Ianto thoughts

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  • Jackie Moleski
    Feb 1, 2007
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      debrabant_foundation wrote:

      > --- In torchwood@yahoogroups.com <mailto:torchwood%40yahoogroups.com>,
      > Elizabeth Holden <azurite@...> wrote:
      > > The music vids I most love are the ones that use John
      > > Barrowman songs, especially the Cole Porter CD. I
      > > wish he'd recorded "I Get a Kick Out of You" - I think
      > > that one would be terrific for Jack, especially the
      > > verse:
      > Thanks for the thoughts on Ianto... I really like his character.
      > Hmmmm, good idea. I have John's Cole Porter CD... I have to look into
      > that and see if anything fits with the video clips I have.
      > Guess what I'm doing tonight? ;-) (I am actually working on another
      > Jack vid now that I have Doctor Who too.)
      > -Amanda
      > __.I have

      I have several ideas for *Doctor Who* vids (both classic and new series
      clips). I'm hoping to get some help from my cousin to put them together
      (not to mention how I'll upload them to the net!).

      But some ideas I have are:

      Song title: "Slime Creatures from Outer Space"
      Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
      vid style: funny
      Comments: Come on, with lyrics like "things just haven't been the same,
      since the flying saucers came" and "They were fuzzy, they were mean,
      biggest heads I've ever seen". It's a natural.
      Years and years ago, I thought this song would be fun for an *X-files*
      vid, but it's even more appropriate for *DW*.

      Song title: Baby Grand
      Artist: Billy Joel & Ray Charles
      vid style: serious but not angsty
      Comments: Who (or what) is the ONE constant in the Doctor's life? What
      he's *always* relied on? Why the TARDIS of course. So I'd like to take
      the Joel/Charles duet about a piano being the love of their lives and
      use it for DW.
      By the bye-- anyone who can *remember* good TARDIS scenes, feel free to
      e-mail me on or off list. I plan on using McCoy's scene in the McGann
      movie, as well as other scenes (both interiors and exteriors) but I'm
      having a hard time remembering specific episodes.
      Two scenes I'm looking for-- Davison standing behind the console,
      nothing happens, he hits the console with his hand, and THEN it starts
      going up and down. I definately remember it, but I can't figure out the
      ep. And the Colin Baker ep where we find out the TARDIS has seat belts
      (he and Peri hook-up to the console using something that looks like a
      bungee cord).

      So-- good ideas?




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