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913Re: [torchwood] Re: Jack / Ianto thoughts

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  • Elizabeth Holden
    Feb 1 8:01 AM
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      --- donutsweeps <donutsweeps@...> wrote:

      > There is the slightest hint
      > that they have something from the very beginning,
      > when Jack introduces Ianto to Gwen when he says
      > "and he looks good in a suit"
      > to which Ianto replies (with a smile) "Careful,
      > that's harassment sir."

      Flirting. I take it that Jack has been casually
      flirting with Ianto all along, Ianto has been enjoying
      it without taking it seriously.

      > Jack is trying to raise Ianto over the comms and
      > says something about
      > wanting to hear Ianto's lovely Welch vowels or
      > something like that, it could be taken jokeingly,

      I always like that line because I love Ianto's accent
      too. I put that down to more flirting on Jack's part
      - he is *just beginning* to think something's wrong in
      the Hub and is keeping it light because he's starting
      to worry.

      > And I agree, I'd love to see Ianto more, he barely
      > appears in a lot of the episodes

      I watched one episode with a friend who'd never seen
      the show and she asked me, "Does Ianto ever get to
      speak?" That was in "Combat", where I thought he had
      more lines than usual!

      So what is Ianto's best line? I rather like "Of
      course, bananas are far more interesting," but he does
      have some other lovely ones. Hmm. No, I retract that,
      I think my favourite might be "gloves come in pairs".
      And the classic: "I still have my stopwatch."

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