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908Re: [torchwood] Jack / Ianto thoughts

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  • Elizabeth Holden
    Feb 1, 2007
      Amanda asked:

      > But... other than the "mouth to mouth" Jack gives
      > Ianto in Cyberwoman,
      > is there any other on screen indications of anything
      > going on between them until the end of They
      > Keep Killing Suzie?

      Nothing clear. It's my belief and contention that
      when they get together at the end of "They Keep
      Killing Suzie", it's the first time - that in fact,
      Jack was surprised (though pleased) when Ianto
      propositioned him then.

      On watching a second time, though, I thought I could
      see a clear progression of their relationship, a whole
      subtle story that is not spelled out but is still
      there. Growing affection and mutual reliance based on
      Ianto's desire to prove himself trustworthy, and his
      neediness, and Jack paying attention to his feelings.

      The scene that I felt made me understand was the one -
      I think at the end of "Cyberwoman" - when Ianto looks
      up at Jack (sorrowfully? apologetically?) and Jack
      nods. I couldn't figure out what that meant the first
      time through.

      After having seen "End of Days" I thought it an easy
      interpretation: Ianto realizes Jack was right and
      acknowledges that, Jack forgives him for being wrong
      because he really does understand, and they establish
      a more trusting relationship - in which Jack, partly
      by being kind, partly by just not making an issue of
      the "Cyberwoman" fiasco, helps Ianto to heal from his
      grief. Leading to stronger (though perhaps sometimes
      conflicting) feelings on Ianto's part.

      > I thought, though, when Ianto still seems quite
      > shaken up in Countrycide

      I think he's still 'shaken up' about Lisa at the end
      of "End of Days". He's still grieving over her loss -
      still upset to see her when he gets the
      visitation/vision of her c/o Bilis. In "Countricide",
      I think Ianto is working out what he feels and thinks
      about Jack, Lisa, and life in general.

      I think Ianto loves Jack and that Jack has had a good
      (comforting) influence on him, but that the pain of
      what happened to Lisa was too deep to just go away
      quickly. Some days are probably easier for him than

      > I didn't see anything. So it seems to just come out
      > of nowhere.

      No, not really, though I think the writers did want us
      to be somewhat surprised when it happened.

      > We go from Ianto clearly being in love with Lisa
      > (that was her name, right?) in Cyberwoman, to him
      > making a not-so-clearly veiled proposition to
      > Jack at the end of They Keep Killing Suzie.

      I don't think you missed overt clues, but there are a
      few subtle hints. Like the time Jack touches Ianto's

      > I would love to see the character
      > of Ianto explored a bit more. He really intrigues
      > me. Any thoughts?

      Oh, many!

      One thought is that Ianto brings out Jack's nurturing
      and healing side. I think his whole team does that,
      but Ianto most of all. Reasons? Ianto's emotional
      pain; his vulnerability; the fact that Jack (clearly)
      has thought he was cute from the beginning.

      Another thought is that it might be easier for Ianto
      to love Jack after Lisa because he is so very
      different from her in just about every way - being
      white, male, and mysterious. And also because the
      relationship isn't in any way domestic, as it was with
      Lisa. And there is no possibility that Ianto would
      have to 'take care of' Jack the way he had to take
      care of Lisa for so long.

      It also coincides with Ianto's strong love of duty and
      service. I think when he says "Jack needs me" to Owen
      he really means it and it reveals a lot about himself
      -Ianto needs to be needed, whether by someone like
      Lisa (helplessly trapped in a machine, or by a
      machine) or someone like Jack (who is strong, but
      lonely and isolated and sometimes distracted).

      > Oh, and on that note... I am working on a video for
      > Ianto and I can't
      > seem to come up with a song. Any ideas?

      The music vids I most love are the ones that use John
      Barrowman songs, especially the Cole Porter CD. I
      wish he'd recorded "I Get a Kick Out of You" - I think
      that one would be terrific for Jack, especially the

      I get no kick from Champagne
      Mere alchohol doesn't thrill me at all
      so tell me why should it be true
      that i get a kick
      out of you

      But then there's "Night and Day", "Under My Skin", and
      - maybe my favourite - "You'd be so nice to come home
      to". (Which I believe Porter wrote for a boyfriend,
      so it seems particularly apropos.) Then there's "Night
      and Day" from "De-Lovely".

      From "Reflections from Broadway", "Being Alive" might
      be a good choice.

      Just my personal wish list, going along with "I wish I
      could make music vids, but I can't, so isn't it
      wonderful that other people can do it for me?"

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