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904Re: [torchwood] Jack / Ianto thoughts

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  • John R. Clark IV
    Feb 1, 2007
      or "beautiful" byjames blunt, it sorta fits, love unrequitted


      debrabant_foundation <debrabant_foundation@...> wrote:
      I was thinking... I haven't watched all the eps yet (had some
      But... other than the "mouth to mouth" Jack gives Ianto in Cyberwoman,
      is there any other on screen indications of anything going on between
      them until the end of They Keep Killing Suzie? Ianto still seems quite
      shaken up in Countrycide and he isn't really in Small World too much
      (cept when both he and Jack find each other at the Hub at night, but
      neither seems to be expecting the other to be there)
      I didn't see anything. So it seems to just come out of nowhere.

      Did I miss something. We go from Ianto clearly being in love with Lisa
      (that was her name, right?) in Cyberwoman, to him making a not-so-
      clearly veiled proposition to Jack at the end of They Keep Killing

      I know I probably missed something. I would love to see the character
      of Ianto explored a bit more. He really intrigues me. Any thoughts?

      Oh, and on that note... I am working on a video for Ianto and I can't
      seem to come up with a song. Any ideas?


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