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90www.sfzocalo.com: sci-fi & Fantasy Auction Site

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  • sfzocalo
    Jul 13 7:00 AM
      Hope this doesn't get me barred straight away, but I thought I would tell the members here
      about a dedicated Sci-fi & fantasy Auction and classified advert site I have set up.<br>
      The membership is free and so are the listings throughtout July and August*
      After that time the prices are still going to be much lower that other auction site and it is
      going to be THE place for sci-fi and fantasy fans to visit.

      Since we are a site built by fans for fans we are always willing to listen to ways that we can
      improved our site, perhaps by including new categories or splitting up existing ones into

      * join with the promotion code of 'goldchannel' for free July & August listings
      it is free of listing and ending cost on all 1 photograph auction or classified adverts.

      thank you for reading this and as a good new member of this group I shall not post this
      again unless asked to do so.

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