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  • Carole Maddern
    Apr 23, 2014
      TW is not dead yet! I just had the great pleasure of attending a three-dayTW convention here in the UK (Birmingham to be precise) where Eve, Gareth, Naoko and Kai lived it up and created some magic! There will be another event next year (run by Star Fury) and the hope is that John will attend, which will be amazing; also, Burn was due to come but couldn't make it sadly, so there's a great chance of a full reunion next year: pretty amazing idea.There was a general concensus that TW could resurrect like Star Trek, if fans agitated sufficiently!! The Ianto shrine in Cardiff is now part of the BBC official Doctor Who tour! I came away feeling encouraged that The Real Torchwood will return.
      Regards to all fellow Woodies.
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