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  • Steph
    Sep 15, 2013
      I wouldn't sound the death knell on Torchwood just yet.  I mean, Russell T. Davies has had his own problems going on in his personal life, what with his partner being sick and all, so I cut him some major slack when it came to Miracle Day.  If he should decide to go on to other projects and quit doing Torchwood then that's fine, but one of my other favorite Brit shows was gone for the better part of a decade or more, and when it came back it seemed none the worse for taking all that time off (mostly because they deliberately chose to ignore the last series, which WAS a piece of crud).

      If Torchwood does go the way of the dodo then I'll be sad, but I'm not going to give up hope just because Miracle Day wasn't the best.


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      I guess I'm in the minority.  I like Gwen Cooper and I think Eve Myles is an OK actress.  Gwen's a much better character, played by a much better actress, than the usual female sidekick.  She has dimension.  She does wrong things.  (In Hollywood that would include keeping the gap between her front teeth.)  She's gutsy and persistent.  I find some of her adventures improbable (getting pregnant and taking the risk of being an active field member of the team, for instance), but overall she seems quite real to me, in a way that the airbrushed beauties of US sf do not. 
      As I see it, the first two years of Torchwood were terrific, Children of Earth was truly outstanding, and then we got Miracle Day - almost not the same show after the folk at Starz got their hands on it (I bet the notes flew).
      I would have to disagree on Mekhi Pfifer too.  No disrespect, but he strikes me as nice enough looking but pretty average.  He didn't belong with that lot.  In general the clash of tone and style between Brit and American elements was jarring.
      RIP Torchwood.
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