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  • Leanne Wilensky
    Sep 15, 2013
      Wow. Really? (Sorry for doubting you pfyre.) I think Eve is lovely in person, and she was great on Merlin... I think with a director who DIRECTS here as opposed to "states at her in wonder" - she can do well. I like Eve. I don't like Eve, but I like her. I do NOT like Gwen.

      On Sep 15, 2013, at 10:52 AM, Diana Williams <diana@...> wrote:


      Unfortunately, what pfyre said is true. RTD originally spun a series with
      Eve called "Excalibur". When that didn't sell, he spun "Torchwood" with her
      as the second lead and the "Heart of Torchwood". He has talked about both
      of those things in interviews, although of course he gave it a different
      spin. He really does think that she is the best Welsh actress ever. I have
      no idea why. Gwen was also supposed to be everyone's love interest (and
      Ianto was supposed to be an elderly "Alfred" type character who dies in the
      Cyberwoman episode) which is why the affair with Owen happened.
      Unfortunately for Ianto, the fans and the people at the BBC liked Ianto more
      than Gwen. No one has said anything publicly, but a lot of people think
      that's why Ianto died in Children of Earth.


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