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  • pfyre
    Sep 15, 2013
      On 9/15/2013 8:23 AM, girlfriendteri@... wrote:

      I have to agree complete with pyre. The biggest problem for me was it became the Eve show. I felt Mr David didn't care what the fans wanted. It was his show and he did what he wanted. Teri

      As much as we can call thank and credit Russell T. Davies with the successful reboot of Doctor Who [I do remember thinking before the new series premiered that there was NO WAY a reboot of Doctor Who could hope to be successful much less satisfy both old and new fans of the show - yet it did - it outshone the original series in so many ways] and of creating the first successful DW spin-off Torchwood - it probably should be noted that RTD did not originally intend to create a DW spin-off. What he originally pedaled to the Beeb was a series to showcase his infatuation - Eve Myles - who he has to this day proclaimed as one of the Wales's best actors EVER. *gag* [What an insult to every Wales actor.] When the Beeb rejected it because they didn't know, didn't care and/or didn't agree with his assessment of Eve, he reformatted his spiel to become a 'spin-off' of Doctor Who that supposedly showcased arguably the most popular of the new series companions 'Captain Jack Harkness'. Unfortunately he insisted on shoving Eve Myles in as 'second lead' [but in RTD's mind STAR of the show]. He then proceeded to create one of the least logical and palatable characters in any series 'Gwen Cooper'. To top it all off he then proceeded to drum up publicity touting Gwen as the 'heart of Torchwood' and Eve and the other actors in the series all seem to have bought that idea hook, line and sinker.

      If there was a way to edit Gwen out of the show - ALL of the eps - I would do it in a heartbeat. I think it was a tragedy that they killed off Owen, Tosh and then Ianto ONLY to have Gwen survive. Hell, the only reason Jack survived the original three series was because the character was immortal at the get-go. I was horribly worried that with Jack mortal in 'Miracle Day' that RTD had finally found a way to get rid of that pesky Jack Harkness [John Barrowman] in favor of RTD's Marty-Stu/Mary-Sue Gwen Cooper. Thankfully that didn't happen. But I can't say that saving Rex over Esther was any better. *gag* Another 'hated' character saved and beloved killed-off. Although I have to say Mekhi Phifer is head and shoulders above Eve Myles when it comes to acting ability. At least I believe he's Rex and that he's researched the character to make it real. I've had that sense with Eve when it comes to Gwen. Her portrayal of Gwen has soooooo many logic flaws and inconsistencies combined with her 'cow-eyes of surprise', 'cow-eyes of fear', 'cow-eyes of awe', 'cow-eyes of love', etc. acting technique it is the topper to a character I cannot tolerate.

      True in the end 'Torchwood' is RTD's baby and he'll do as he pleases no matter what the fans, critics and other production/writing staff might want or fight for.



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