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  • pfyre
    Sep 14, 2013
      Oddly, I liked Miracle Day. Was it perfect? Hardly. Could it have been squeezed down to 6 or 8 eps? Absolutely.

      On the other hand, if the Beeb had shown an inkling of support for the show which had done so spectacularly well on BBC3 then BBC2, etc. then maybe it would have remained UK based,  etc.

      Frankly, RTD needed to get his head out of  his arse regarding Eve and Gwen because frankly the show has suffered from its inception with his glorification of a character that has so thoroughly polarized the viewers. There are some eps that make me want to throw objects at the screen because of Gwen's selfishness, cruelty and self-righteousness. And it has only gotten worse with each succeeding series.

      Personally I'll be checking MD out on BBC America if only to see what it will be edited out so all those commercials can be squeezed in.


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      Even so, Can't they finish the damn story!?

      its the cliffhanger that leaves even more questions with no chance of answers!

      Earth2 ended the same way.....

      Bill S.

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      Agreed. Miracle Day was awful. 

      On Sep 14, 2013, at 1:44 PM, beatlefanfcb@... wrote:

      If you watch this mess you will regret it.  Don't say you have not been warned.
      Given the apparent demise of Torchwood could we hope that Captain Jack might return to Doctor Who?
      Frank Caesar Branchini
      Edgewater, MD  USA

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