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8214Re: [torchwood] Captain Jack's RAF blue Great Coat on Auction

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  • Steph
    Jan 9, 2013
      I wouldn't count out Torchwood just yet. For one thing, Russell T Davies is still dealing with his partner's illness as well as projects that he had signed on to do before his partner got sick, and once things settle down, who knows? He might decide to TW all over again. If he does, great, but I'm not going to be like some of the Negative Nellies I've seen around who have all but rung the death knell for the show. Also, that greatcoat is more than likely one of many that were used during the series; as I recall, they had differing lengths for when Capt. Jack was standing still, or when he was running, so it could be any one of them.


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      This tells me that we won't be seeing any new Torchwood episodes. Do you agree or disagree?


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      >Thought you'd all like to know - from artdaily.org:
      >Bonhams Entertainment Sale to include memorabilia from acclaimed science fiction film and television series
      >LONDON.- Bonhams forthcoming Entertainment Memorabilia sale, to be held on Wednesday 12th December, will include an array of props, costumes and related memorabilia from legendary Science Fiction movies and television shows including: Alien, Superman, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Red Dwarf and Captain Scarlett.
      >The highlights from the sale include a detailed miniature model from Alien, 1979, of the engine room of the ‘Nostromo’ mothership, being offered directly by the model maker. The model engine room was designed for an establishing shot in the film, and is clearly visible in the scene when Ripley sets the ship to self-destruct. Original models used in the production of Alien have rarely come on to the market and are highly sought after.
      >Following the same theme, included in the Horror and Science Fiction section of the sale is a large airbrush illustration created by the Alien film’s Academy Award ®-winning designer and surrealist artist H.R. Giger. The artwork depicts a sinister skeletal creature, and was discovered painted on a door panel in the boiler room at Shepperton Studios, a bolt-hole frequented by the artist throughout the making of the film. Both lots are offered with an estimate of £2,000 – 3,000.
      >A number of items from the archives of the BBC will be offered for sale, including costumes and props from renowned television series Doctor Who. One of the key pieces is a large prop latex shark used in the 2010 Christmas special ‘A Christmas Carol’ valued at £1000-1500. It will also be the first time key props and costume from the popular Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures series’ will be offered at auction, including Captain Jack Harkness’ RAF blue Great Coat valued at £700-900 and Sarah Jane Smith’s emerald green and white Nissan Figaro car £4,000-6,000.
      >Other pieces available to collectors will be a large collection of concept designs from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with estimates ranging from £500-3,000, an original Captain Brown puppet used on Captain Scarlett, estimate £12,000-15,000, Christopher Reeves director’s chair, £500-700, and two handmade spacecraft models used in series 10 of Red Dwarf, valued at £500-700 each.
      >More Information: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=2&int_new=59339#.UL9vr4Vkksk[/url]
      >Copyright © artdaily.org

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