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  • Daren :)
    Oct 23, 2012
      I realise that I'm probibly going to reignite the old MD debates but well ...........

      The original Torchwood was a very fatalistic show ! weird stuff would happen and everyone would do their best to contain it with long story arcs of the average schmo playing around with the doohickey and ending much the worse for wear and the team find the guy and the doohicky just in time Jack always played his cards close to the chest insinuating that he knew more than he was willing to let on yet during those times when he appeared to be completely open and honest he did not have a clue what to do

      Children of Earth was a really great miniseries and I loved how the functionaries who did so much damage were themselves in turn burnt, because they were treated in the same cold calculating way they been treating everyone else

      Miracle Day made absolutely no sense what so ever and Jack put in only cameo appearances the world seemed to in part remember the 456 yet they all forgot who it was who defeated them and for unknown reasons Jack and Gwen were still being hunted down by British Black Ops for no apparent reason the new hero we were foist upon us, had an IQ of 45 and sometimes I wanted to beat him about the head with a baseball bat and scream WAKE UP and after all the agro and the drama the solution to the never explained drama was for Jack to somehow bleed into that fissure on both sides of the earth at the same time

      I would really like 9 hours of my life back thank you very much as I still really feel cheated episode 1 was brilliant and led us all to believe that this was going to be one hell of a show but it was'nt


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      I think that mention of the "4, 5 and 6" amendments was about the "456" monster from Children of Earth.

      Also, IMO - Torchwood is done. It won't be back.

      On Oct 23, 2012, at 2:40 AM, dizzheart@... wrote:

      > Hi, Charles,
      > 1. No idea whatsoever, just ignored it myself.
      > 2. If you mean Ianto Jones (Gareth David Lloyd), Owen (Burn Gorman) and
      > Tosh (Naoko Mori), their characters were killed off previously, so there was
      > no question of their return. If they ever thought of Martha Jones, I
      > haven't seen anything on that; Martha was married to Mickey now and Freema
      > Agyeman who played her was working in Law & Order UK while Miracle Day was
      > being filmed, I would imagine it wasn't thought of.
      > 3. John Barrowman has said he'd be interested in a fifth series, but
      > Miracle Day didn't do that well and Russell T Davies is back in the UK working
      > on Wizards & Aliens now, so it seems unlikely. But you never know.
      > For my part, I think of the series as having ended with Children of Earth.
      > I didn't care for Miracle Day; it was too Americanized and the show had
      > lost a lot of its original flavor for me.
      > John Barrowman will be in the CW series Arrow, starting with the fifth
      > episode - which I think is on shortly. He's not in the credits on IMDb but
      > he's tweeted about it. His character is called Well Dressed Man.
      > Janice
      > In a message dated 10/22/2012 10:44:54 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
      > CharlesSGalloway@... writes:
      > Hi,
      > I am now watching the Merical Day story and just saw the first episode.
      > Had a couple questions for those more into the series.
      > 1) Towards the end of the episode it was mentioned that Torchwood would be
      > restarted in the
      > US and the guy cited amendments 4,5, and 6 to US Code 3184; Is there such
      > a section?
      > A website that would have the section would be most helpful.
      > 2) What happened to the rest of the orginal cast - besides Captain Jack
      > Harkness and Eve
      > Myles charachter? Did the others just not want to participate or was the
      > orginal storyline
      > not have mention of more of the UK0-based charachters? I know from the
      > previews that
      > Jack demands thant Phiphers charachter becomes part of the US Torchwood.
      > 3) There waas some talk about having a new season of Torchwood - what is
      > the current rumors
      > or whatever of it actually happening?
      > Regards
      > Charles >>>>>
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