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7283RE: [torchwood] Russel T Davies & CoE

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  • sem
    Aug 29, 2010
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      Not critical at all. Finding CoE difficult to watch doesn't make it bad TV.
      Some of the best movies I've seen are truly wonderful but I haven't been
      able to watch them more than once because the subject matter was so powerful
      and depressing (and this includes some tv episodes, too: the last Inspector
      Morse comes to mind, also a few episodes of House). CoE is a brilliantly
      done series (?) and I will be watching it again soon, probably after my next
      TW marathon.


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      Many have been critical of Davies for some of the things we saw in CoE but
      if he had made it any different to the way he did I'm not sure we would have
      a 4th series to look foward to. If a programme is to be a success you have
      to be bold and do things totally unexpected in order to get your audience's
      attention, even if some of those things are not approved of by some of the
      viewers. If CoE had a more predictable plot with the usual fairy tale
      ending then it would not have had the interest it did and we would probably
      have seen the last of it. The reason many TV shows fail, particularly
      American shows, is due to lack of imagination and audience involvement.
      Only the great shows can rise above being just mass entertainment and I
      would now number Torchwood among these shows.
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