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  • PRATERAE@aol.com
    Jul 30, 2010
      Jack isn't an American, proper or otherwise. The character has an
      American accent but he's not a native of planet earth. He can use whatever
      terminology he chooses!


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      Did anyone see the article on the Dr. Who News Page about Torchwood? Most
      of the next season (or series) will take place out of the UK. Maybe now Jack
      will call a lift an elevator like a proper American. Though I had to
      wonder how Jack got to vote in a British election, like when he said he was
      going to vote for Harold Saxon (what a loaded name there) during part 2 of
      Season 3's finale. Wouldn't the people running the elections notice that the
      same guy had been voting in every election since the late 1800s? But then
      admittedly, I don't know when the government started voter registration in

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      Karen Harrington <karenisawriter@...> wrote:
      > Chris, the name of the Doctor Who episode when Jack and the Doctor sort
      things out is called "Utopia"Â it is the first of a three part story about
      "The Master. One of the best episodes of season 3.
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      > Subject: [torchwood] Dr versus captain jack
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      > Â
      > Hi,
      > I liked your review Gilbeymichael but can I just correct a small
      point.The Doctor knew Rose had resuscitated jack but left him on the space station
      because he felt Jack was "wrong".He was a fixed point in time and
      therefore should not exist and at the time the Dr could not deal with this.They
      sort it out the next time they meet and Jack says"You mean you were
      predjudiced" and the Dr replies "I hadn't thought of it like that"(I can remember
      that but ask me to name an episode and I havent a clue lol)The first Torchwood
      series had some good episodes and some not so good.The second series was
      heaps better although regret the demise of tosh and Owen who had mellowed so
      much towards the end but it was difficult to see where a zombie type
      character could go so he had to die properly but Tosh's death was quite
      unexpected.Children of earth was a great drama but heartbreaking
      > Hope this next series is a bit lighter although RT has said it is
      dark.Rambling a bit now so I will stop.
      > Best wishes
      > Chris
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