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7096Re: [torchwood] re: Children of Earth

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  • Kaki4
    Jun 21, 2010
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      >I can't dissagree with any of what you've said,but you've got to admit that
      >Children of Earth was a damned fine mini-series and I must say that it is
      >the most riveting thing I've seen that is that long ever really, many a 10
      >hour long mini series is mostly hours of boring big yawn stuff and you end
      >up staring at the ceiling waiting for something to happen.

      If I'd never watched Torchwood, I think I'd agree. But the characters were
      pretty OOC. Plus, if I hadn't watched before I wouldn't have cared who
      died senselessly. But a good mini-series if taken by itself.

      > I bought the COE boxset and many a time I've told myself "I'll just watch
      > episode 1 but get pulled in and end up watchng all the way though it's
      > that good

      I bought them before I saw it. Still haven't unwrapped them. :(
      Someday. Of course, I have a bit of extra angst to go with it as my my was
      diagnosed as terminal 2 days before Ianto died. It will be a while before I
      disassociate the two events (strangely it was also the week of my son's
      wedding which luckily I seem to manage not to associate with TW at all.).

      > But I do hope that if and when they do bring back Torchwood with a season
      > 4 they address the fact that Torchwood was taken out by a rogue member or
      > the government and that MI5 had infiltrated their computer system as the
      > aspect I always wanted to see in some never shown episode of the show was
      > where they actually USED the often spoken power that Torchwood had and
      > never used beyond the government above the police it comes off as if
      > Torchwood was just kidding themselves

      yes, please. And why the Rift was ok with no one watching it and what
      happened to Janet. and. . ..

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