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  • Judy R
    Jun 5, 2010
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      He may have lived 45 minutes from you but John was born in Glascow not Joliet.

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      Subject: [torchwood] Re: Variety is the spice of life for Barrowman

      Except that John Barrowman was born about 45 minutes south of me in Joliet IL this is an interesting article.

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      > Variety is the spice of life for Barrowman
      > *
      > []
      > * John Barrowman will be hosting another season
      > of Tonight's The Night in Glasgow, as well as
      > being the star in panto Aladdin, which he launched recently
      > Sarah Swain
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      > 21 May 2010
      > John Barrowman is stroking my leg.
      > But that is nothing, I mean, he has already shown
      > me his pants (white boxers from US store Banana
      > Republic) even though we met only 10 minutes ago.
      > It is fair to say the Glasgow-born singer, actor
      > and presenter is living up to his cheeky reputation.
      > The examination of my shins came when I asked him
      > what it was like playing a woman in his last
      > theatre role, camp musical La Cage Aux Folles in London last year.
      > "It was liberating. But I hated shaving my legs," he confessed.
      > "Do you shave your legs? Let me feel!" he says, rolling up my leggings.
      > Fun-loving Barrowman was born in Mount Vernon,
      > but moved with his family to America when he was nine.
      > Now 43, he has forged a career that started on
      > the stages of London and Broadway and later took
      > him to the Dr Who Tardis as the doctor's pal
      > Captain Jack, who became so popular he got his own spin-off show, Torchwood.
      > He has also just filmed a guest spot as murderer
      > Patrick Logan in American TV network show
      > Desperate Housewives, which will soon be shown on Channel 4.
      > But now he is ready to spend much of the rest of this year back in Glasgow.
      > In the summer he will film a second series of his
      > Saturday night hit show, Tonight's The Night, at
      > the BBC studios at Pacific Quay.
      > And then there's panto �
      > He is lined up for the starring role in what is
      > claimed to be the UK's biggest festive pantomime,
      > Aladdin, at the Clyde Auditorium this Christmas.
      > It will offer a special twist on the usual "It's
      > behind you" gags of panto with 3D sections.
      > Producers also promise Barrowman will fly without wires.
      > He might have built a career out of being rather
      > loud and brash, but Barrowman also has a caring side.
      > When he was a child at Mount Vernon Primary he
      > used to organise Opportunity Knocks contests in
      > the playground. When he returned there for a
      > visit recently he took the time to track down a
      > pupil he had teased on an earlier trip to make sure the child was not offended.
      > He also asked the teacher to send him a list of
      > all the children's names so could send them all a
      > signed picture (whether they want one or not, it seems).
      > John's already had talks about a part in
      > all-singing, all-dancing smash hit TV show Glee.
      > He is also reported to be working on a show with
      > his parents. They have been married 56 years and
      > Barrowman says they are the people he most looks up to in his life.
      > But what about Doctor Who?
      > Will Captain Jack meet the new Doctor, Matt Smith?
      > "Haven't been asked," he says, "but if I am I'll go at the drop of a hat."
      > But it really does not matter to him what he does
      > � just as long as he is in it.
      > "People say, 'Do you watch yourself on
      > television?' Yes. I love it because it is
      > something I have dreamed of doing from when I was a little boy.
      > "Scott (Gill, his partner) says, 'What are we
      > watching? and I reply: 'We're watching Desperate
      > Housewives because I'm on it'. He says, 'Do we have to?'"
      > One show Barrowman did not do this year was
      > Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest talent search Over
      > The Rainbow � because the BBC asked him "too late".
      > But would he have auditioned as a kid? He shrieks
      > excitedly: "Who wouldn't want to be Dorothy! I
      > could have been Nancy! As long as eeeeeeee
      > neeeeeds meeeeee!" he warbles, before crashing back on the sofa in hysterics.
      > "No. I would have put myself up for those roles.
      > The boys' roles �" he says breaking into a wicked giggle.
      > Of course John. And with his manager hovering it is time to finish our chat.
      > Now, in case you have not guessed I am a bit of a
      > fan � a 'Johnette' as we're known.
      > And I have one question on my list I have not
      > asked. But he has grabbed my crumpled piece of
      > paper. He reads: "What is it like being chased by
      > women when we sadly have no chance?"
      > He squeals. Wrestles me on to the sofa. And makes
      > kissing noises from behind a cushion.
      > One thing is for sure, with Barrowman back in the
      > city, Glasgow is in for a treat.
      > * Aladdin is on at the Clyde Auditorium from
      > December 11. For tickets call 0844 395 4000 or
      > see the website: www.ticketsoup.com
      > * Video is at www.eveningtimes.co.uk click on video and audio.
      > http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/features/variety-is-the-spice-of-life-for-barrowman-1.1029453
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